Vortex Tube Botanical Oil Extraction from Infinity Supercritical

Vortex Botanical Extraction of Cascade Hops with 1 Second Extraction

Vortex Extraction of Oil from Hops

Infinity has experimented with many technologies which perform cell lysis. One of those is the fascinating vortex tube. It has traditionally used for pressuried air to produce spot cooling and heat, along with separation functions in the oil and gas industry. The vortex converts pressure into rotational energy (over 1,000 g force) which effectively becomes a centrifuge liquids (air, water, oil, etc.). The high g forces can result in cell lysis, and the rotational element can separate resulting extract. Vortex Extraction and Separation of Botanical Oil from Hops (pdf)

Vortex Extraction Prototype and Experimental Cart

Vortex Extraction Botanical Flower Holding Vessel

Vortex Botanical Extraction System Using Compressed Air


New Development Converting 10L Machines to Produce Liquid Nitrogen and Oxygen Infinity is now working on converting the 10L extraction systems to produce Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) and Liquid Oxygen (LOX). These valuable gases can be used for rockets, cooling lasers, and cryogenic botanical extraction.

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