Toll Processing Services

Contact Infinity for a list of high quality full spectrum botanical oil CO2 toll processors: Email

Currently all toll processors are fully booked for the next 12 months. Please consider acquiring a CO2 processor to access high-value craft extraction capabilities.

Don’t rely on ethanol processors, or their fly-by-night production.

Pro Tips For Getting Your Hemp Extracted into Oil via a Toll Processor:
– you must dry your hemp flower prior to extraction (or you will get mold and mildew) and keep in dry storage- your dry hemp flower must have a COA (certificate of analysis) which indicates it is organic, pesticide free, and in the legal limits THC
– most extractors are booked up for the next year
– expect to pay a 60-40 toll processing fee during the fall harvest rush
– if you have cash, expect to pay upwards of $2,000+ per day for extraction on a single 10L CO2 system, which can do around 20 lbs per day if running on a 24 hour day- you should be able to sell your high quality CO2 extracted oil for $6/gram or higher- if you bottle your high quality CO2 extract, you should be able to sell a gram in a bottle of 1 oz coconut oil carrier for $20 to a retail store (while label) or $45 to consumer direct

List Your Toll Processing Services Here

This page is reserved for Infinity Supercritical 10L CO2 machine owners, who buy a machine, and would like to offer their services to botanical crop farmers who need extraction services. If you purchase a 10L CO2 system, we’ll give you a listing for 30 days on this page, and refer callers who need toll processing to this page, or to you directly. That listing can include your business name, email or phone contact info, services offered, and even photos of your machine and full spectrum high quality extracts. This is a huge value since we get large amounts of traffic from Google web searches. Limited time offer.