Standard Pricing and What’s New

Infinity Supercritical.
Standard Pricing.
$99,000 Standard Price.
Lowest priced 10L on the market since 2015.
Shop Demo 10L: $49,000
Supercritical CO2 Extractors for Amazing Oil.
What’s new.
One Step Craft CO2 Extraction. Leave waxes behind if you run near subcritical (reduces or eliminates winterization). Output oil straight out of the machine near isolate quality (85 percent CB D).
New: Licensing – build your own CO2 Extraction systems for the huge hemp market.
SDR2000 Hydrodynamic Cavitation Extraction.
Systems starting at $3 million. 6 day payback.
2,400 pounds per day dry hemp flower input.

Fast Filter Demo for Sale

$10,000 includes entire inventory of paper filters, spare parts, and bowls. The fast filter is one if the most effective ways to filter out waxes and lipids from winterization. High-throughput filtration which removes unwanted plant particulates including fats, lipids and waxes after winterizing botanical oil mixture with alcohol. Similar to Drain Droyd. Build licensing available for $9,999.