Spinning Disc Reactor Hydro SDR1200 Eco Extraction Using Water For Continuous Feed Extraction Now With Inline Continuous Winterization For Full Spectrum Oil Extract

The New Revolution in Processing using Water as the Solvent
Simple push-button operation and uses only water as the carrier-solvent, this amazing system uses technology that was previously only available in the pharmaceutical industry. Process 50-100 pounds per hour, or up to 2,400 pounds (1,200 kg) per day of hemp, algae, or other botanicals. When adding on the continuous feed Winterization system, this can become your solution for producing full spectrum oil. Fast processing is continuous feed. The cell lysis is under a few seconds.

2019 Hemp Legal In USA: 2018 Farm Bill signed into law … hemp is now legal on a Federal basis as of January 1, 2019.

Net Income Per Day: $200,000 to $600,000

Price (starting at): $2,000,000 (Engineering Study required prior to purchase)

Payback (estimated): About 12 days.

Build Time: 6-12 months

Note: Wisconsin Hemp Processors may see a payback in less than a week (hemp cbd oil wholesale sell price is $.20-$.45/gram), other areas that can only sell isolate or lower buy prices ($6.50/gram) is around 12 days, which is shown below.


Product: The SDR1200 is a continuous feed botanicals crude oil extractor, using spinning disc reactor technology, which is well proven in the food processing and pharmaceuticals industry. The system is used in this application with water as the solvent to produce a full spectrum extraction. With further winterization processing, the resulting full-spectrum-oil is ready for sale as a concentrate. The SDR1200 starts at $1,200,000 and requires a engineering study (fee based) prior to order. Typical payback is about a week, based on hemp flower purchased at $50 per pound, and extract selling at $20 per gram.

Profits: The SDR1200 allows processing of large amounts of botanicals extraction, compared to batch reactors. This allows better processing efficiency, which saves labor and energy costs, and increases your profit potential. Payback for smart business owners is under two weeks. There is no payback for processors without any business knowledge, or experience in the botanicals industry.

Time: The SDR1200 saves you time. The continuous feed processing methodology gets you finished product faster, and at less production cost.

New Option: We’ve added a continuous feed inline winterization option (ethanol required) for production of Full Spectrum Extract Oil. Additional process requires CO2, and ethanol as the consumable.

No more loud air compressors, or dealing with supplies of CO2, or ethanol. No more waiting 12-24 hours for your batch processor to complete its cycle. This is instantaneous botanical oil extraction which uses water and shear force to break apart plant cells to give up their oil. Because this is a non-pressurized system and it does not use explosive hydrocarbons (i.e. like butane or propane which needs Class 1 Div 1), this system is much easier to accept for zoning, code, and inspectors. In addition, there is no danger of CO2 gas in a enclosed space, and no venting needed. You’re using water as the solvent.


Hops Cell After Spinning Disc Reactor Extraction Using Water As The Solvent

Continuous Feed Eco Extraction:
We have the first system in the industry that is continuous feed. No more batch runs that take 12-24 hours. Processing is virtually instant using our fast extraction processing. More thorough and consistent extraction. Push button operation and less complex parts means less maintenance. Best of all, there are no expensive, hard to get, high pressure parts to maintain. The overall safety on a low pressure system far outweigh a butane, ethanol, or CO2 system. Simple to use, and simple to maintain.