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(12)UnitedStatesPatent Lebeletal. (10)PatentNo.: US7,130,038B2 (45)DateofPatent: Oct.31,2006 (54) METHODANDAPPARATUSFOROPTICAL FILMIMEASUREMENTSINACONTROLLED 451fé ENVIRONMENT (75) Inventors:RichardJ.Lebel,Wiliston,VT(US); FredrikMaurer,Valhalla,NY (US); PaulH.Smith,Jr.,EssexJunction,VT (US); Theodore G. Van Kessel, Millbrook,NY(US);HemathaK. Wickramasinghe,Chappaqua,NY(US) (73) Assignee: InternationalBusinessMachines Corporation,Armonk,NY (US) c -r (*) Notice: Subjecttoanydisclaimer,thetermofthis AssistantExaminer JuanD.Valentin,I patentisextendedoradjustedunder35 U.S.C.154(b)by0days. (22)Filed: Sep.1,2005 (65) PriorPublicationData US2005/0286056A1 Dec.29,2005 (74)Atorney,Agent,orFirm—StephenC.Kaufman,Esq; McGinnIPLawGroup,PLLC Anopticalprobe(andmethod)formeasuringaSurfaceinan environmentcontainingafirstSubstance,includesalight SourcefortransmitingalightontoanareaoftheSurfaceto obtainameasurement,asourceofthefirstSubstanceinclud ingoneofafluidandagasfordisplacingasecondSubstance from an area of the Surface receiving the light, and a RelatedU.S.ApplicationData (62)DivisionofaplicationNo.10/310,759,filedonDec. measuringdeviceforreceivingthelightbeingreflectedfrom 6, 2002, now Pat. No. 6.967715 the surface and for determining a measurement of the surfacebaseduponthereflectedlight. 18 Claims, 2 Drawing Sheets AIRVORTEXINCAVITYBETWEENPROBEWINDOW ANDWAFERSURFACE s s (51) Int.Cl. GOIN 2L/00 •Lvs.8sys-Y sua-- (2006.01) OPTICAL SENSOR --ARINET a MOISTFLUIDENVIRONMENT SENSORCONTROL AND PROCESSOR US007130.038B2 (52) U.S.Cl..356/237.3:356/237.2: (58) FieldofClassificationSearch.None Seeaplicationfileforcompletesearchhistory. (56) ReferencesCited U.S.PATENT DOCUMENTS M 5,637,029A 6,319,093B1 11/2001Lebeletal. 6,676,766B1* 1/2004Haranoetal..438,906 k. citedbyexaminer PrimaryExaminer MichaelP.Stafira 6/1997 Lehane

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