Powell Methods Systems Promoting Hydrogen Gas

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Powell Methods Systems Promoting Hydrogen Gas ( powell-methods-systems-promoting-hydrogen-gas )

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(12)UnitedStatesPatent (10)PatentNo.: US9,604,189B2 POWell (45)DateofPatent: Mar.28,2017 (54) METHODSANDSYSTEMSFOR (56) ReferencesCited PROMOTING HYDROGEN GAS DISTRIBUTIONWITHINCELLULOSIC U.S.PATENTDOCUMENTS BOMASS SOLIDS DURING HYDROTHERMAL DIGESTION (71) Applicant:ShellOilCompany,Houston,TX(US) (72) Inventor: JosephBrounPowell,Houston,TX US (US) (73) Asigne: SHELLOILCOMPANY,Houston, TX (US) (*) Notice: Subjecttoanydisclaimer,thetermofthis patentisextendedoradjustedunder35 U.S.C.154(b)by586days. (21) Appl.No.:14/108,933 (22)Filed: Dec.17,2013 (65) Prior Publication Data US2014/0174432A1 Jun.26,2014 RelatedU.S.ApplicationData (60)ProvisionalaplicationNo.61/740,039,filedonDec. 20,2012. s 51) Int.C. (51) BOI. 8/22 CIOG3/00 (2006.01) U.S.C. CPC.B01J8/228(2013.01);C10G3/50 (2013.01):CI0G3/56(2013.01); (Continued) FieldofClasificationSearch CPC.B01J8/228;B01J2208/00884;B01J 2208/0092;C10G3/50;C10G3/56; C10G 2300/1014: YO2P 30/20 Seeaplicationfileforcompletesearchhistory. 2,2000 deB SOC 10/2000 Chu etal. (Continued) FOREIGN PATENT DOCUMENTS CN 102584750 T2012 (52) (58) (2006.01) WrittenOpinionoftheInternationalSearchingAuthorityofPCT/ US2013/076403datedApr.16,2014. (Continued) PrimaryExaminer— DavidA Reifsnyder (57) ABSTRACT Methodsandsystemsforpromotinghydrogengasdistribu tionwithincelulosicbiomasssolidsduringhydrothermal digestion.Onexemplarymethodcancomprise:heatinga firstportionofcelulosicbiomasssolidsbeingcontactedby acontinuousliquidphaseandasecondportionofcelulosic biomasssolidsbeingcontactedbyacontinuousgasphasein 9. y gasp the presence of an upwardly directed flow of molecular hydrogenandaslurycatalystcapableofactivatingmolecu larhydrogen inthe continuous liqu1idphase; conveyi1ng at leastaportionofthecontinuousliquidphaseandatleasta portionoftheslurycatalysttoalocationwithinthecon tinuousgasphaseaboveatleastaportionofthecelulosic biomasssolids;andafterconveyingthecontinuousliquid phaseandtheslurycatalyst,releasingthemsuchthatthey contactthesecondportionofcelulosicbiomassSolids. 16Claims,2DrawingSheets DE 402509) 91924 (Continued) OTHER PUBLICATIONS 6.030.915 A 6,127,229 A USOO9604.1.89B2

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Powell Methods Systems Promoting Hydrogen Gas

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