Patent 9739422 Hydrogen Energy Systems

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Patent 9739422 Hydrogen Energy Systems ( patent-9739422-hydrogen-energy-systems )

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(12)UnitedStatesPatent Smith,Jr. (54) HYDROGEN ENERGYSYSTEMS (71) Aplicant:PaulH.Smith,Jr.,Scotsdale,AZ (US) (72) Inventor:PaulH.Smith,Jr.,Scotsdale,AZ (US) (*)Notice: Subjecttoanydisclaimer,thetermofthis patentisextendedoradjustedunder35 U.S.C.154(b)by0days. (21) Appl.No.:14/842,751 (2)Filed: Sep.1,2015 (56) ReferencesCited U.S.PATENTDOCUMENTS (65) PriorPublicationData US2015/0369426A1Dec.24,2015 RelatedU.S.AplicationData 5,728,464 A 3/1998 Checketts 5,817,157A 10/1998Checketts 7,029,649B2 4/206Meisneretal. 7,169,489 B2 (63) Continuation-in-partofaplicationNo.13/949,19, filedonJul.23,2013,whichisacontinuation-in-part ofapplicationNo.13/397,611,filedonFeb.15,2012, nowPat.No.8,651,270,andacontinuation-in-partof aplicationNo.12/684,420,filedon Jan.8,2010, now Pat.No.8,651,268,andacontinuation-in-partof aplicationNo.12/212,571,filedonSep.17,2008, nowPat.No.9,123,925,aplicationNo.14/842,751, which isacontinuation-in-partofaplicationNo. 1/2007 Redmond 2004/0023087A1 2/2004Redmond 2005/0047994A1 3/2005Meisneretal. (51) Int.Cl. F02B 43/10 F17C 11/00 F17C 3/00 HOIM 8/04 HOIM 8/04082 COIB 3/00 COIB 3/04 HOIM 8/065 (Continued) (2006.01) (2006.01) (2006.01) (2016.01) (2016.01) (2006.01) (2006.01) (2016.01) Primary Examiner — Colin W Slifka (74)Atorney,Agent,orFirm —LodestarPatents,PLLC; RaymondJ.E.Hal (57) ABSTRACT Hydrogenenergysystemsforobtaininghydrogengasfrom asolidstoragemedium usingcontroledphotonandphonon sources.Additionally,structuresof solid storagemediums, enhancementstointeractionsinthemedium withphotons andphonons,andmanufacturingmethodsofthemediums are disclosed.Also disclosed are systems for charging rechargingmagnesium withhydrogentoobtainmagnesium hydride.Other relatively safe systems asisting storage, transport and use (as in vehicles) of such solid storage mediumsaredisclosed. (52) U.S.CI. CPC .F17C 1/005(2013.01);COIB 3/0026 (2013.01);C01B 3/084(2013.01);COIB 3/04 (2013.01);F02B43/10(2013.01);F17C3/0 168 20Claims,24DrawingShets 10 101 160 142 -110 CHAKUINTAITEITONAINATARAKATDATUTI US009739422B2 (10)PatentNo.: US9,739,422B2 (45)DateofPatent: Aug.2,2017 (2013.01);HOIM 8/04201(2013.01);HOLM 8/04216(2013.01);HOIM 8/065(2013.01); HOLM 2250/20(2013.01);YO2E60/321 (2013.01);YO2E60/327(2013.01);YO2E 60/364(2013.01);YO2P 20/129(2015.11); YO2P70/56(2015.1);YO2T10/16(2013.01); YO2T10/32(2013.01);YO2T90/32(2013.01); Y1OT29/49(2015.01) (58) FieldofClasificationSearch None Seaplicationfileforcompletesearchhistory. 2005/0098035 Al 2006/0013753AL 5/2005 Lemmon etal. 1/2006 Vajoetal. (Continued) 14 -172 140 -130 150

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Patent 9739422 Hydrogen Energy Systems

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