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HYDROGENASE BACTERIAL ENZYME ACTIVATING MOLECULAR HYDROGEN ( hydrogenase-bacterial-enzyme-activating-molecular-hydrogen )

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Strain Bad. coli(Escherich) Bact. coli(Houston 1) Bact.coli(Houston2) Bact.coli(Houston3) Bact.acidilactici P8eudomon.pyocyanea Chrornobact.prodigioaum Bac.megatherium Bact. lactisaerogenas Clostr.8porogenes Bac.8ubtsli8 Bact.akaligene8 Reduction time (mins.) WithH2 WithoutH2 Hydrogenase HYDROGENASE. I 207 Sown into peptone medium with 1 % of various sugars, according to the usual bacteriologicalpractice,thefollowingresultswereobtained: Other characteristics are (1) acid clot in litmus milk, (2) no liquefaction of gelatin, (3) no production of indole, (4) negative Voges and Proskauer test. We arethereforeassigningthisorganismtothecoli-typhosusgroup;itspro- perties as far as they have been investigated agree with those of B. formicus (Escherichiaformica),butitsidentitycannotbeconsideredproved. Hydrogenase. Itisclearfromtheexperimentscitedalreadythatweare dealing with a bacterial enzyme comparable with the dehydrogenases, the substrateinthiscasebeingmolecularhydrogen.We mustassumethatthe hydrogen is in some way activated, and this activation can be conveniently expressedH2 - 2Hwithoutimplyinganythingaboutthenatureofthere- action. In order to conform with the accepted terminology we suggest that thisenzymebecalled"hydrogenase." Distribution of hydrogenase. The presence of this enzyme in what appears to be a common bacterial species made us suspect that it might be found in other well-known organisms. Various strains were grown on broth medium, centrifugedandwashed,andtestedinvacuum tubesintheusualway,andthe following results were obtained. (To get a rough comparison between the activities of the different species, the suspensions were diluted to the same opacity.) Sugar Glucose Fructose Mannitol Sucrose Maltose Lactose Salicin - Acid Gas - + + + 84 1i 8 8i 9i 65 > 60 > 120 94 > 150 > 120 274 > 120 + 75 + > 120 + > 120 + > 150 + 63 >60 > 120 154 ? > 150 > 120 28 The relation of these results to other known facts will be discussed later. The unexpected discovery of hydrogenase in a number of widely differing bacterial species led us to look for it elsewhere; baker's yeast and sheep's heartmuscle,bothnormallyactivewithregardtootherdehydrogenases,were completelylackinginhydrogenase. + + + + - +



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