Antioxidant Activity of Hydrogen Water Mask

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Antioxidant Activity of Hydrogen Water Mask ( antioxidant-activity-hydrogen-water-mask )

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International Journal of Molecular Sciences Article Antioxidant Activity of Hydrogen Water Mask Pack Composed of Gel-Type Emulsion and Hydrogen Generation Powder Hye-Jin Kwon 1, Sang-Beom Han 1,2 and Kyung-Won Park 1,* 1 Department of Chemical Engineering, Soongsil University, Seoul 06978, Korea; (H.-J.K.); (S.-B.H.) BoyazEnergy, 165 Gasandigital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 08504, Korea 2 * Correspondence:; Tel.: +82-2-820-0613; Fax: +82-2-812-5378 Received: 24 November 2020; Accepted: 18 December 2020; Published: 20 December 2020 􏰁􏰂􏰃 􏰅􏰆􏰇 􏰈􏰉􏰊􏰋􏰌􏰂􏰍 Abstract: In this study, hydrogen generation powder samples were prepared using zinc carbonate as a precursor, at a temperature varying from 400 to 700 ◦C in H2 atmosphere, and were characterized in terms of antioxidant activity. The concentration of dissolved hydrogen obtained by the powder samples was measured using a dissolved hydrogen meter as a function of time. In addition, the antioxidant activity of the samples was evaluated based on the Oyaizu’s method, removal rate of ·OH radicals, and ferric reducing antioxidant power. Finally, the hydrogen mask pack was fabricated using the hydrogen generation powder sample and gel-type emulsion. In the clinical test on the mask pack, the effect of the mask on skin aging was characterized and compared to that of a commercial sample. The skin densities of the participants in the experimental group and the control group increased by 18.41% and 9.93% after 4 weeks, respectively. The improved skin density of the participants who used the hydrogen mask pack in the experimental group, might be attributed to the recovery effect of the hydrogen molecule in the mask pack on the denatured thick skin layer. Keywords: hydrogen generation powder; hydrogen water face mask; antioxidant activity 1. Introduction In the 21th century, the era of health care has made life prolongation feasible, beyond the treatment of the diseases. Aging and diseases are universal and essential phenomena, which have specific causes and treatments depending on the symptoms [1]. However, Gianluca et al. showed that the main causes of death and diseases might be significantly associated with the free oxygen radicals [2]. Naturally, the human organism after the age of 40 cannot generate superoxide dismutase (SOD) as an antioxidant enzyme, which can remove free oxygen radicals [3]. In general, vitamins A, C, and E can help remove free oxygen radicals in the human body [4]. Furthermore, hydrogen can be an antioxidant candidate because of its excellent antioxidant activity to selectively remove free oxygen radicals, and its accessibility to human organisms and brain cells [5]. In particular, recently, hydrogen water, i.e., water that contains extra hydrogen gas via several means, has been considered a promising tool because of its various applications in medical treatment, health, and skin care [6]. Cosmetic products in the era of health care have been used not only to protect the skin but also to treat skin problems [7]. Thus, functionally effective materials in cosmetics need to be able to improve percutaneous absorption and stabilization [8]. Among these functional cosmetics, mask packs, as instant beauty products, that can improve human skin density through an instantaneous change, have emerged as popular items [9]. Recently, sheet-type mask packs containing hydrogen water have been on the market. However, hydrogen can be scarce in conventional sheet mask packs or can Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2020, 21, 9731; doi:10.3390/ijms21249731

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Antioxidant Activity of Hydrogen Water Mask

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