Terra Tech Begins Supercritical CO2 Cannabinoid Extraction

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Terra Tech Begins Supercritical CO2 Cannabinoid Extraction ( terra-tech-begins-supercritical-co2-cannabinoid-extraction )

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October 2, 2014 Terra Tech Begins Supercritical CO2 Cannabinoid Extraction, Testing and Formulation Oakland, Oct. 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --Terra Tech Corp (TRTC) is pleased to announce they have begun extracting, testing and formulating compounds at their cannabinoid extraction facility in Northern California. In March of this year the company announced they are developing a research and industrial extraction facility focused on the medical cannabis market. The facility was built in response to what the company views as an increase in demand for high grade CBD as well as other cannabis extracts. At the core of the facility is a custom, 20 liter, 5,000 PSI supercritical CO2 extractor from Eden Labs. This piece of equipment utilizes CO2 as a solvent, which is superior because it is non- flammable and non-toxic, mitigating negative environmental impacts as well as several safety concerns that have been associated with butane extraction. On September 9, 2014 the company's Board of Directors unanimously voted to allow the company to engage in the production, extraction and retail sale of medical cannabis if done so in full accordance with the state's medical marijuana laws in which they operate. The decision was made in advance of Nevada's November 5th medical marijuana permit announcements. This allows the company's executive team to transparently operate in the medical cannabis market. "The company and its Board of Directors have spent countless hours weighing the risks and rewards of being directly involved in the production of medical cannabis. We have seen many companies benefiting from the industry through consulting agreements, leases, and licensing arrangements; however at the end of the day they are still profiting from the production of the plant. As a group we have made the collective decision to be transparent in our involvement in an effort to do what's best for our shareholders and to elevate the industry, doing our part in pushing for legalization. As the industry develops so does the need for best practices, protocols and processes. Patients deserve access to quality products, produced with the highest standards by the best personnel and equipment available. Our intention is to provide just that," explains Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech. "We will begin by operating our extraction lab, producing oils and other forms of cannabis extracts for patients throughout the California market. In addition, if we are successful in obtaining a permit to operate a MME within Nevada, our team will manage these facilities to the same high standards." The company will be testing extraction methods and formulations over the next several weeks. Terra Tech's counsel is making certain they comply with all local and state

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Terra Tech Begins Supercritical CO2 Cannabinoid Extraction

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