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EXTRACTION EQUIPMENT APPROVALS INFORMATIONAL BULLETIN 2015-001-7 ( extraction-equipment-approvals-informational-bulletin-2015-0 )

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Denver Fire Department Fire Prevention Division 745 West Colfax Avenue Denver, CO 80204 p: 720.913.3474 f: 720.913.3596 www.denvergov.org/fire EXTRACTION EQUIPMENT APPROVALS INFORMATIONAL BULLETIN 2015-001-7 In accordance with 2016 Denver Fire Code 5003.3.2.3 extraction equipment using hazardous materials shall be Listed or Approved. Where no equipment listing criteria exist, equipment manufactures’ can submit a Master Engineering Report for approval of their equipment. This approval method has typically only included liquidified petroleum gas (LPG) and CO2 equipment; listings have been available for flammable liquid extraction equipment. The engineering report is required by Denver Fire Code 104.7.2 and shall be signed and sealed by the responsible CO licensed Professional Engineer. A site specific letter signed and sealed by the engineer responsible for the master engineering report is required prior to final approval of equipment for use. The letter shall identify that the equipment onsite meets the approved master engineering report and additionally include the location address, make and model number, serial number, and any other pertinent information specific to that equipment such as optional equipment features. All equipment shall be operated strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Any modification of equipment from the approved engineering report / listing (i.e. repiping the system, addition of pumps, replacing components, using unapproved gasses, etc) voids the approval of the extraction equipment. Below is extraction equipment that has an approved master engineering report. Note that this list does not grant approval for use without additional required safety requirements such as exhaust systems, gas detection, operational permits, building occupancy, etc. These approvals also do not include filling equipment supply tanks. Please consult the manufacturer for the site specific letter; note that the State of Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division requires an equipment approval letter to be maintained on site, the site specific letter is in addition to this state requirement. Due to changing Fire Code requirements in 2016 for LPG extraction rooms to be classified as Class I Division I locations, electrified LPG recovery pumps (i.e. CareSaver) will no longer be permitted for use in LPG extraction systems after Oct 2016. Equipment can be operated passively or manufacturers with approved Haskel pumps are noted below. Page-1-of 2 Last updated 3/14/2018



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