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qPCR Assistant + + REPRODUCIBILITY - Highly reproducible qPCR sample preparation for tens or hundreds of samples + FLEXIBILITY - Flexible automation of qPCR and PCR master mix, sample dilution and reaction plate preparation TRACEABILITY - Import sample information when creating new qPCR protocols and export final sample and control locations to one of many thermocyclers afterwards www.pipetmax.com/pcrqpcr qPCR Assistant carries out the qPCR method setup for you, reducing technical variability and eliminating sample cross-contamination... all at your fingertips! qPCR protocol creation at your fingertips: • Create singleplex or multiplex qPCR methods, providing effortless flexibility over your qPCR experiments • Combine multiple qPCR methods into a single run to increase efficiency • Maximize your qPCR sample preparation accuracy, reproducibility, and traceability • Eliminate inherent variability, avoiding the need for manual entries and preventing errors when entering sample information • Increase the pace of your verifiable science! ® AUTOMATED qPCR SETUP

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