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PROTEIN CHROMATOGRAPHY ( protein-chromatography )

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Where: Lavanya G et al / J Biomed Sci and Res., Vol 3 (3), 2011,424-438 3) Rate theory follows the Van Deemter equation, using this equation, it is possible to find the optimum velocity and a minimum plate height. B H=A + --- + C. v. v A = Eddy-Diffusion B = Longitudinal Diffusion C = mass transfer v = linear velocity Proteins form the fundamental basis of structure and function of life. Proteins are an important class of biological macro molecules present in all organisms. Each protein polymer also known as polypeptide. Proteins are Polymers of amino acids Proteins on complete hydrolysis yield L- amino acids. This is a common property of proteins. Therefore, proteins are the polymers of L--amino acids. Functions: These functions may be broadly divided in two groups: 1) Structural functions  There are primarily responsible for structure and strength of body.  These include collagen and elastin found in the bone matrix, vascular system and other organs and -keratin present in epidermal tissues. 2) Dynamicfunctions These include proteins acting as enzymes, hormones, blood clotting factors. PROTEINS Introduction: Proteins were first described by the Dutch chemist Garhaedus Johannes Mulder and named by the Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Beezetlins in 1838. Proteins are the most abundant organic molecules of the living system. They occur in every part of the cell and constitute about 50% of the cellular dry weight. 425


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