Principles of Instrumental Analysis

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Principles of Instrumental Analysis ( principles-instrumental-analysis )

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Skoog/Holler/Crouch Chapter 28 Principles of Instrumental Analysis, 6th ed. Instructor’s Manual CHAPTER 28 28-1. (a) Species that are somewhat volatile and thermally stable. (b) Nonpolar low to moderate molecular mass organics and particularly isomeric organic species. (c) Molecular species that are nonvolatile or thermally unstable. (d) Most low to moderate molecular mass organic compounds that are nonvolatile or thermally unstable. (e) Substances that are ionic or that can be derivatized to form ions. (f) High molecular mass compounds that are soluble in nonpolar solvents. (g) Low molecular mass nonpolar gases. (h) High molecular mass hydrophilic compounds. (i) Small organic and inorganic ions. 28-2. Three methods for improving resolution include: (1) Adjustment of kA and kB by employing a multicomponent mobile phase and varying the raiot of the solvents to find an optimal mixture. (2) Variation in the chemical composition of the solvent system in such a way as to make α larger. (3) Employing a different packing in which α is greater. 28-3. In partition chromatography, k is conveniently varied by using a two (or more) component solvent system and varying the ratio of the solvents. 28-4. (a) In gas chromatography, α is generally varied by varying the column packing. 1

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Principles of Instrumental Analysis

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