Gas and Liquid Chromatography

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Gas and Liquid Chromatography ( gas-and-liquid-chromatography )

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FUNDAMENTALS OF CHEMISTRY – Vol. I - Gas and Liquid Chromatography - Sliepcevich A. and Gelosa D. GAS AND LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY Sliepcevich A. and Gelosa D. Politecnico di Milano, Italy Keywords: adsorption, affinity, analysis, capacity, capillary, carrier, chromatography, column, degaser, detector, distribution, ECD, efficiency, elution, exclusion, FID, GC, HETP, HPLC, HWD, injection, injector, ion exchange, ionization, LC, mass spectrometer, megabore, mobile phase, normalization, on-column, packed, packing, partition, photomultiplier, polarity, pump, retention time, separation, signal, split, splitless, standard, stationary phase, thermal conductivity detector (TCD), technique, TLC Contents 1. Introduction 2. Evolution and Classification of Chromatography 2.1. Adsorption Chromatography 2.2. Partition Chromatography 2.3. Ion-Exchange and Size-Exclusion Chromatography 2.4. Affinity Chromatography 3. Chromatographic Theory 3.1. Distribution of Analytes Between Phases 3.2. Separation Efficiency 4. Gas Chromatography 4.1. Sample Introduction 4.1.1. Packed-Column Injector 4.1.2. Inlet for Capillary Column 4.2. Column 4.3. Detectors 4.3.1. Hot-Wire Detector 4.3.2. Flame-Ionization Detector 4.3.3. Electron-Capture Detector 4.3.4. Mass-Spectrometer Detector 5. High Performance Liquid Chromatography 5.1. Instrumentation for HPLC 5.1.1. Mobile-Phase Reservoir 5.1.2. Pumps 5.1.3. Injectors 5.1.4. Columns 5.1.5. Detectors 6. Analytical Objectives 6.1. Qualitative Analysis 6.2. Quantitative Analysis 6.2.1. Uncalibrated Calculation Procedures 6.2.2. Calibrated Calculation Procedures Glossary Bibliography ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) UNESCO – EOLSS SAMPLE CHAPTERS

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Gas and Liquid Chromatography

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