Centrifugal Partition Chromatography CPC

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Centrifugal Partition Chromatography CPC ( centrifugal-partition-chromatography-cpc )

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Turnkey Laboratories Solutions 250 mL CPC column capacity + 1 L CPC column capacity Injection ranges : Up to 6 g (on 250 mL column) and up to 30 g (on 1 L column) Typical Flow rates : Up to 15 mL/min (on 250 mL column) and up to 50 mL/min (on 1 L column) Maximum pressures : 100 bar (for 250 mL column) and 80 bar (for 1 L column) Maximum rotation speeds : 3000 rpm (for 250 mL column) and 1500 rpm (for 1 L column) Fast method development on 250 mL colum and scale up on 1 L column Twin-cell technology for better retention High pressure resistance and high rotation speed for better efficiency Easy-seal technology for fast and cost effective maintenance Asc/Dsc capability Biocompatible version available From simple "SCPC" column to complete LC purifications solutions : "CPC-250+1000-B" : Simple "CPC" column (could be connected to any kind of preparative HPLC systems) "CPC-250+1000-L" : "CPC-250-B" column with integrated pump "CPC-250+1000-F" : Combination of "CPC-250+1000-B" with a "Spot Prep II" system and "AGCPC" software Creation of the most advanced purification tool, efficient for all kind of applications "Spot Prep II" features allow to work also with Preparative HPLC columns and MPLC columns ISO 9001 Centrifugal Partition Chromatography CPC-250+1000 1

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Centrifugal Partition Chromatography CPC

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