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Recreational Marijuana Regulatory Requirements ( recreational-marijuana-regulatory-requirements )

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Weights & Measures Program Recreational Marijuana Regulatory Requirements SCALES General requirements for commercial scales All scales used for commercial transactions must show they meet strict standards for accuracy. In Washington State, this means they must have a National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Certificate of Conformance (COC). To prove a scale is in compliance with this requirement, it should have an identification name plate on it with the COC number All scales are classified into groups. The COC number on the plate will indicate the class of scale being used. If you are a producer or processor and buying or selling more than one ounce of marijuana product you must use an NTEP approved scale and at least a Class III scale with a division size of 1.0 gram or less. You must also register your scale by including it as an endorsement on your Washington State Business License. You can register your scale by visiting the Washington State Depart- ment of Revenue, Business Licensing Service or contacting them at BLS@dor.wa.gov or 800 451-7985. Scales with 0 to 400 lb capacity are categorized as “small scales” and the annual registration fee is $10. The products you package and label for retail sale are subject to a net contents regulatory inspection. If you are packaging products in quantities of one ounce or less we recommend you use an NTEP approved Class II scale with 0.1 gram divisions or less. Using a high quality scale assures that the products you offer for re- tail sale in a packaged form meets the minimum net weight declared on the package label. Scales are subject to stringent requirements and rigorous testing before being approved for a COC. Scales bearing an NTEP COC may be used with confidence. General information regarding scales Two basic types of scales are available for commercial transactions. Price computing scales are scales that can be set to automatically compute the final total price; some models will also print labels. Examples of this type of scale are found at the deli counter of many grocery stores. The other basic scale type is a direct weight scale. This scale only determines weight. Examples of this type scale are found at businesses where precious metals are bought and sold. We recommend that you have your scales serviced on a regular basis to assure accurate measurements and to prevent device malfunc- tions. You should have a service agent registered with the Washing- ton State Department of Agriculture perform the service. PACKAGING AND LABELING General requirements on packaging and labeling Products must be labeled with all of the information specified in WAC 314-55-105. This includes net content in weight (ounces and grams) or volume (fluid ounces or milliliters). You will find examples of labels for different products in the listed WAC. Labels for random weight packaged goods offered for sale at retail outlets must have a label declaring the net quantity, price per single unit of weight or measure or count and, the total selling price of the package. UBI: 1234567890010001 Lot #: 1423 Date of Harvest: 4-14 The Best Resins Blueberry haze 16.7% THC 1.5% CBD Warning – This product has intoxicating effect and may be habit forming THIS PRODUCT IS UNLAWFUL OUTSIDE WASHINGTON STATE Net Weight: 7 grams

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