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LIPOSOMAL CBD HEMP OIL ( liposomal-cbd-hemp-oil )

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LIPOSOMAL CBD HEMP OIL Better taste, better absorption, better value for money LIPIDS AND BIOAVAILABILITY When food is eaten a cascade of digestive events take place for the purpose of breaking that food down into its component parts so they can be classified, digested, absorbed and distributed throughout the body. The bioavailability of something is a measure of how much makes it all the way through the digestive system into your blood. For example, if you ate a food that contained 100mg of Vitamin C and all 100mg made it into your blood, you would say it is 100% bioavailable. The entire digestive system runs on water. It is the primary solvent used to digest food, expel waste and the medium that carries nutrients through the body. To a large extent, the bioavailability of a substance is dependent upon its ability to dissolve in water. Consequently, nutrients that are already soluble in water (Vitamin C for example) are relatively easy for the body to digest, absorb and distribute. CBD Hemp oil contains hundreds of nutrients, some of which are soluble in water. Cannabinoids such as CBD however are not, they are lipid-soluble which means they dissolve in fats and oils. When lipids are detected during digestion the liver, gall bladder and pancreas are stimulated to produce surfactants and enzymes capable of breaking the lipids down into particles small enough to be soluble in water and pass through the wall of the intestines. CBD HEMP OIL CBD Hemp oil faces numerous digestive challenges. First is the bitter taste which can make it difficult to keep consuming day after day, especially for children or animals who lack the mental discipline to eat something they desperately need in spite of a taste they don’t like. The second key is the speed of digestion and absorption. Once you swallow food and commence the process of digestion, the rest is for the most part automatic. Your body will continuously push that food downwards through the stomach, small intestines, large intestines and out the other end. Practically all lipid absorption takes place in the small intestines. If the lipids haven’t been adequately digested and absorbed by the time they reach the end of the small intestine they will be expelled from the body. Thirdly is that CBD Hemp oil is often consumed in very small amounts and often on an empty stomach. For example parents may give their child a blob of oil the size of a grain of rice. A small amount of the oil may absorb through the lining of the mouth into the blood (which may be enough to produce the desired effect) but most will slowly pass down into the stomach. Because the amount consumed is so small, the body may not notice that something requiring digestion has been swallowed and therefore the cascade of digestive events will not be activated. If it is not consumed with food, it will sit in the stomach doing nothing until enough fat-containing food is eaten to turn digestion on. If the tiny blob of oil passes into the intestines before that meal comes it will pass out of the body without being absorbed. Elixinol introduces a more efficient way to consume whole plant CBD Hemp oil. LIPOSOMES Liposomes are very similar to structures that the body naturally produces called vesicles. STRUCTURE/FUNCTION Liposomes and vesicles are tiny hollow spheres that have the ability to carry both water soluble and lipid soluble compounds through the body and through cell membranes. Liposomes are made from phospholipids which favor uptake into the intestinal lymphatic system bypassing the Liver and ensuring maximal blood uptake of CBD. NATURAL Natural phospholipids come from three main sources: Sunflower seeds, Soy beans and Egg yolk. Being that Sunflower seeds are the healthiest and most sustainable source, Elixinol uses Sunflower sourced phospholipids. THE BIOAVAILABILITY OF A SUBSTANCE IS DEPENDENT UPON ITS ABILITY TO DISSOLVE IN WATER +1 (844) 804 3504 | ELIXINOL.COM | PAGE 1



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