Cannabis Processing for THC, CBD & Terpenes Initiated 5/2/14

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Cannabis Processing for THC, CBD & Terpenes Initiated 5/2/14 ( cannabis-processing-thc-cbd--and--terpenes-initiated-5-2-14 )

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Cannabis Processing for THC, CBD & Terpenes Initiated 5/2/14. Current version 9/18/14 The unique smell of cannabis does not arise from cannabinoids, but from over 100 terpenoid compounds. from: Cannabis and Cannabis Extracts: Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts? 2001 http://cannabis-med.org/data/pdf/2001-03-04-7.pdf Eat a Mango 1 hour before consuming Cannabis. Mangos are high in Myrcene which increases the effects of THC. Especially if it’s a less potent strain, you should notice more of a “zing”...:) [167°C – 332°F myrcene boiling point - phil] from: Terpenes (PDF) http://terpenes.weebly.com/uploads/6/1/3/4/6134576/terpenes.pdf Prepare Ground Cannabis Dry cure and freeze fresh cannabis flower. Freezing helps break trichomes (resin glands). Fresh is ideal for optimum terpene content. Grind. Extraction. Option 1: Extract with ETOH Pre-extraction Decarboxylation (optional) Decarboxylation activates THC and CBD, a process which proceeds rapidly above 105°C. Dry Oven Decarboxylate: Select time/temp parameters (see attached), Lay ground cannabis flat up to 0.5 inch deep on unbleached baking paper on a pizza stone. Many terpenes will be lost (2013 - http://www.cannabis-med.org/data/pdf/en_2013_01_1.pdf) by the time/temp of decarboxylation. However, many important terpenes will remain (2001- http://cannabis-med.org/data/pdf/2001-03-04-7.pdf). ETOH Extraction Extract with high proof ethanol at room temperature: cover & and stir occasionally for 30 minutes for light finish, up to 5 days for maximum extraction. Press. Concentrate with room-temp evaporation (use a fan). To avoid green staining, best with high potency, low leaf chlorophyll bud. This tincture is used either 1. as5-20dropstoafavoritedrink.Watertypically.Useasmixologistbitters.Monkey Fruit extract would be worth trying. Best if further aged for a week. or... 2. tomakeasalve.Tincturegetsmixedwithcoconutoil-oliveoil-beeswax.For salve, I layer the tincture on top of an oil/wax base and evaporate the ethanol at room temperature. Next I warm the oil/wax base to consistency of thick syrup and mix. Cannabis Processing for THC, CBD, & Terpenes 509-838-9860 P.O. Box 2175 Spokane, WA 99210 509-844-2944 mobile philip.small@landprofile.com

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Cannabis Processing for THC, CBD & Terpenes Initiated 5/2/14

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