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Canada Hemp Foods ( canada-hemp-foods )

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Company Profile: Founded in 2006, Canada Hemp Foods Ltd. is a 100% B.C. owned and operated company located in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast. All of our products are grown, manufactured and processed in Canada. We are determined to bring hemp food products into the mainstream by creating greater public awareness and media exposure with regards to the exceptional nutritional profile of hemp seeds, their good taste, and their environmental benefits. We have always believed in providing healthy food options that are sustainably produced. Hemp is a sustainable food source that boasts numerous inherent nutritional benefits, and can be cultivated without negative environmental impact. Hemp food products are highly versatile, and can be used by value-added food processors, manufacturers and distributors to create a wide range of natural health foods, functional foods and nutritional supplements. Our Product Line: • Hemp Seed Hearts (hulled hemp seed): Available in 227g and 454g kraft pouches in both organic and conventional formats. Shelf-life: minimum 10 months. • Hemp Protein Powder - 50% Protein: Available in 454g plastic canisters in both organic and conventional formats. Shelf-life: minimum 10 months. • Hemp Oil: Available in 500ml plastic bottles in organic format. Shelf-life: minimum 10 months. We also provide a bulk product line for all of the above items. CANADA HEMP FOODS Ltd. Contact Information: Robert Rae Josefa Fritz Barham Canada Hemp Foods Ltd. PO Box 1821 Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0 Canada Tel: 604.886.3235 Fax: 604.886.3252 Email: info@canadahempfoods.com Web: www.canadahempfoods.com canadahempfoods.com

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Canada Hemp Foods

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