Supercritical CO2 Parts Plans

Caster Beam

The infrastructure of all Infinity systems is the bolt-together Caster Beam.

We first started welding carts and quickly found out that by having a bolt together laser cut powder coated beam system was the best method for production and developments.

Vacuum Bagging Cart

Vacuum bag hemp and other botanicals to remove moisture and preserve prior extraction.

Spinning Disc Reactor Blocks

Experimenting with development of hydrodynamic cavitation may be accelerated with using modular blocks which allow development to commercial product faster to deploy.

Blocks may be machined from HDPE since the water is not pressurized. Production versions may be made from Aluminum or Stainless Steel.

We built a experimental cart using modular blocks for our hydrodynamic cavitation experiments and product development.

Plans are available for sale.

Kit Plans 10L System

Kit plans for our successful 10L extraction system.

May be scaled down or scaled up.

Kit Plans CO2 Valve for Cat 310

Plans to machine a CO2 valve to replace conventional valves in Cat310 pump for CO2 liquid pumping.

Kit Plans CO2 Reservoir

ASME CO2 liquid tank.

Kit Plans CO2 Extraction Vessel 10L Size

ASME CO2 Extraction Vessel plans.

Kit Plans Large Wrench for Extraction Vessel Nut

Wrench plans.

Kit Plans Flow Bar

Flow bar plans. The flow bar allows even distribution of CO2 through length of extraction vessel so you don't have to reverse flow.

Kit Plans Cat310 Pump Vise

Cat310 Pump Vis plans. Holds the Cat310 pump assembly to allow pump modification and routine maintenance of seal replacement.

Kit Plans 10L Bill of Materials for Assembly

BOM. Bill of Materials and Assembly plan for 10L extraction system, parts, components, suppliers, and crate.

Kit Plans 10L Shipping Crate

Plans for domestic and international shipping crate.

Kit Plans 10L Botanical Basket

Plans for quick change extraction vessel botanical basket.

Kit Plans Fast Filter

Plans for stainless steel fittings Fast Filter to quickly filter out waxes from winterized solutions.

Kit Plans Cat310 Pump Conversion for CO2

Plans for converting standard Cat310 pump for CO2 liquid pumping duty.

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Now Available Supercritical CO2 Design NFT: Infinity Supercritical is the first in the botanicals industry to offer its 10L Supercritical CO2 Extractor as a NFT. As the owner of the NFT, you can resell, license, and manufacture the industry proven hemp extractor with worldwide rights. As the owner of the NFT, you get the sales proceeds of any 10L system (less manufacturing costs from Infinity if you do not opt-out). For more info... More Info

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