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Support and Training CO2 System

Professional Consulting and support can be found at our Pro Tips page.

Training-1-Person: TRAINING-1-PERSON | Training for one person for the 10L CO2 system. Training takes about 6 hours and lasts less than one day. By appointment only. Location: Madison, Wisconsin near the MSN airport. Price: $1500.00

In House 10L CO2 System Financing

10L-DEPOSIT-PAYMENT | PAYMENT | Deposit 10L Financing Package. | Price: $10,000.00

What is the maximum amount I can send with my PayPal account?

If your account is Verified, there’s no limit on the total amount of money you can send from your account. You can send up to $60,000, but may be limited to $10,000, in a single transaction. (This amount can vary, though, depending on your currency.) Reference on PayPal click here.

SYSTEM-MONTHLY-PAYMENT | PAYMENT | Monthly payment for 10L financing system. Due first of each month. | Price: $5000.00

FREIGHT | FRT-10L | Crate Freight and Insurance for 10L System. | Price: $2500.00

CHILLER | PAYMENT | New Chiller for 10L CO2 System. | Shipping included in price

Price: $8,000.00

Infinity Supercritical 10L CO2 Extractor Parts

Shipping is included with the part price, to any lower 48 USA destination

Complete parts listing, buying source, and buy link direct from supplier: $999 This is for commercial users who want to buy direct from the parts source supplier.

Please email for invoice:

New CO2 Liquid Pump: New CO2 pump remanufactured with Infinity Supercritical parts. $2,500. Shipping included. 5 available as of August 20, 2020. Please email for invoice:


Valve Assembly O-Ring Package Set of Two | PUMP-ORINGS | O Rings Kit: Reference on diagram 121 (qty 12), 163 (qty 24), 172 (qty 24) | Shipping included in price. Please email for invoice:

Valve Kit Assembly Package Set of Two | PUMP-VALVE-TWO | Valve Kit: Reference on diagram 162 (qty 3), 163 (qty 3), 164 (qty 3), 166 (qty 3), 167 (qty 3), 168 (qty 3), 172 (qty 3) | Shipping included in price. Please email for invoice:

Cat 310 Plunger Pump Low and High Pressure Seals | Please purchase low and high pressure seals from Cat Pumps directly. We have canvased successful operators of the Cat 310 pump and they claim that the Cat Pump seals work fine with CO2 as of August 20, 2020. Proper machine operation is attributed to longevity of seals (more than a month per set). For Pro Tips, please see our page here.

Extraction Collection O-Ring Package Set of Two | EXTRACTION-ORING-SET-OF-TWO | Pressure Vessel Kit: EV (qty 10), CC01 O-ring (qty 10), CC02 and CC03 O-ring (qty 20), DT O-ring (qty 20) | Shipping included in price

Please email for invoice:

Crank Case Seal Package Set of Two | PUMP-CRANK-CASE-SET-OF-TWO | Pump Crank Kit: Reference on diagram 10 (qty 2), 11 (qty 2), 33 (qty 1), 49 (qty 1), 51 (qty 1), 70 (qty 3) | Shipping included in price

Please email for invoice:

Piston Sleeve Socket | PISTON-SLEEVE-SOCKET | Sleeve socket for pump piston. Tool needed to remove sleeves. | Shipping included in price

Please email for invoice:

Valve Seat Puller | VALVE-PULLER | Valve seat puller tool to assist in removing part. | Shipping included in price

Please email for invoice:

Anti Seize Food Grade Set Of Four | ANTI-SEIZE-LUBRICANT-SET-OF-FOUR | Anti seize lubricant for o-rings on pressure vessels. | Shipping included in price

Please email for invoice:

Collection Chamber 3 Filter | COLLECTION-FILTER | High micron filter for collection vessel 3 (CC03). | Shipping included in price

Please email for invoice:

Filler Hose Assembly | FILLER-HOSE | Filler hose with flow sight assembly. | Shipping included in price

Please email for invoice:



Cleaning: Respect your equipment, and it will operate great. We recently had one customer comment that the 10L was a “gold mine” and was looking forward to his second machine, to make even more profit. Keeping a system clean so that it operates correctly is true with most equipment. We recommend always keeping your machine clean, and at least every 15 cycles do a thorough ethanol clean out of the system. If you do not clean your machine, expect that it will not work at all. We’ve had customers that don’t clean their machine at all, and they go through seals on a weekly basis, then wonder why it isn’t operating up to expectations. We’ve had a few groups return machines for repair, and all that was needed was a good machine cleaning. Have some respect for your profit center, and you’ll get great results.

Note: the new machine warranty does not cover parts consumables, such as seals.