Micro Extractor

Micro Extractor: From farm to table, this infused oil extractor is perfect for full spectrum hemp and other botanicals. Silent solid state Patented technology allows touchless extraction and mixing, in the same dispenser for topical use.  Buy hemp, grind, put in dispenser/extractor and you have a finished project ready to use or bottle for retail sales.

Fast Filter Demo for Sale $4,999

Fast Filter $4,999 includes entire inventory of paper filters, spare parts, and bowls. The fast filter is one if the most effective ways to filter out waxes and lipids from winterization solutions. High-throughput filtration which removes unwanted plant particulates including fats, lipids and waxes after winterizing botanical oil mixture with alcohol. Similar to Drain Droyd. Build licensing available for $9,999.  

What makes Infinity Supercritical extracted full spectrum oil better ?

Infinity Supercritical CO2 Botanical Oil Extraction systems product a high quality full spectrum oil right out of the machine.
Run subcritical: Extract a high quality 85 percent CB D near distillate oil ready to bottle right out of the machine. Leave waxes and lipids behind to reduce or eliminate any post processing.
Run supercritical: for full extract including waxes and lipids.

Unboxing the CO2 System

Unboxing (un-crating) a new 10L C02 system. Roll-on, roll-off crate (crate disassembles for flat storage). Notice attention to details with laser engraved system component tags, system operation map, and quality parts and finish.

License Build and Sell the 10L CO2 System

Want to get into the lucrative extraction system building and selling industry ? Now is your chance. We can provide you with plans, suppliers, and sourcing to build your own systems, or you can sub-contract us to build systems for your customers and we drop-ship them directly to your customers.