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Supercritical CO2 Extractor Build Licensing

Infinity Supercritical is now offering build licenses for its popular and successful CO2 extraction system.

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Supercritical CO2 System Support Files Package which includes Cat 310 Pump Conversion to CO2 Parts List and consumable parts such as O rings and more

Supercritical CO2 System Support Files Package

$99 support package includes:

A. Cat 310 Conversion Kit to CO2 Duty (for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a dedicated CO2 pump from Cat). Parts list only. Support is not included. Pressure seal manufacturer for high and low pressure seals as low as $4.00 a seal versus $30-50 a seal from Cat Pumps. Pump assembly checklist.

B. 10L Botanical Basket Cad/Cam files including supplier in China for full build purchase.

C. Infinity Supercritical 10L Consumable Parts List and Suppliers with links. Includes PID controller, Cat pump parts, hoses, motor pump coupler, down tube material, CC1 CC2 CC3 O-Rings part number and supplier, brass sleeve o-rings, extraction vessel o-rings, pump valve o-rings, exhaust hose, low and high pressure pump seals, 3 micron stainless steel filter for CC3 (to prevent any material from going into pump), Cat 310 pump valve replacement kit, pump brass sleeve replacement kit, and pump stainless steel retainer.

D. Supercritical CO2 Automation Information including flowcharts, components, PID justification, and more.

E. Customer Training Checklist.

F. 10L Installation Checklist.

G. 10L Flow Diagram.

H. Crate build cad/cam and parts list.

The above information includes parts lists, part numbers, and suppliers when available. Support is optional and additional.

Package is available via download (zip file 98.4 mb) after payment is confirmed by Infinity.

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Hemp Investor and Business Strategy: Extract, Bottle, and Sell Direct

Starting a Hemp Extraction Business

With the incessant demand for consumer grade hemp rich products, along with isolate for product infusion, there is a bottleneck between harvest and concentrate extraction. This is because most farmers don’t have funding or capabilities to perform extraction. Third party extractors, termed toll processors, often demand a 50 percent toll for their services. Unfortunately, there aren’t many processors available and many are unreliable.

Of the extraction systems available on the market, they are high-priced, legacy-based systems that perform inefficiently, and effectively cause a bottleneck in processing.

Infinity Supercritical recognized these inherency’s in 2015, and established a line of technologically advanced extraction systems.

Why Now ?

Timing: The market has a high demand for CB D rich hemp products.

Opportunity for this market exists as processors scramble to meet demand, with legacy extraction systems. Unfortunately, ethanol extraction falls short with a inferior product that doesn’t have good terpene retention.

Starting a Hemp Extraction Business (pdf)

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The Infinity Supercritical System May be Used for Vapor Deposition of Sulfur on Carbon Nanofiber to Experiment with production of Monoclinic Gamma-phase Sulfur for battery development

Using Supercritical CO2 for Vapor Deposition of Sulfur on Carbon Nanofiber

Lithium Sulfur Battery Research using Vapor Deposition of Sulfur on Carbon Nanofiber: One interesting application may be for the research and production of lithium sulfur batteries. Using CO2 may be one possible route to commercialization of production. ( The team found that during the process of depositing sulfur on the carbon nanofiber surface, changing it from a gas to a solid, it crystallized in an unexpected way, forming a slight variation of the element, called monoclinic gamma-phase sulfur - link below.)

The modular construction of the system allow easy integration for new technology developments, and multi-role add-ons. The heart of the system is the phase change liquid pumping techniques, flow bar, and tribo effect electrostatic precipitation collection system. Many of these deployed technologies were developed by Infinity since 2015 making this system the most advanced in the industry. More than 100 of these commercial systems have been built and out around the world.

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Breakthrough in Cathode Chemistry Clears Path for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Commercial Viability

Supercritical Fluid Deposition Of Thin Metal Films: Kinetics, Mechanics And Applications

Green County Hemp processes with two of our 10L systems.

Pro Tips and Consulting Services From Brook at Green County Hemp

Fee based support is available from these groups who own Infinity Supercritical extraction systems and use them on a weekly basis to produce product that they sell for a profit.

Brook Bartels (see email link below)

Green County Hemp:

Owns (2) 10L Systems | Specializes in hemp and hemp extract products | Consulting Services: Start-up, training, optimization, marketing, on-site available, post-processing, CO2 pump | (Wisconsin, Midwest, online support).

Pro Tips from Brook (updated on April 14, 2021):

Brook says that pump cooling is not required if the chiller is run closer to 40F, and the liquid CO2 reservoir is at a higher pressure (near 700 psi). Also said that matching the Collection Vessel (CC) closer to reservoir pressure resulted in beautiful quality honey looking oil extract. Brook runs for 2-3 hours and says running longer than that does not extract any appreciable amount of extract (i.e. waste of time for hemp).

Green County Hemp (using two 10L Infinity Supercritical extractors)

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Email: Brook at Green County Hemp

Green County Hemp Process and Extraction

Botanical Flower Cones and Packaging

Sell Products Showcase

The Infinity Supercritical CO2 hemp extractor can make craft extractions for your organic hemp flower. These range from making infused hemp cigarettes, hemp cigars ($20/each retail), tinctures, D8, and skin creams. We have a separate skin cream maker system which uses touch-free induction mixing for high value skin cream products (not limited to hemp, but can use any infused oil or botanicals). For More Info…

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Infinity Supercritical Topics and Research Publications

Topics for Botanical Extraction and Plant to Oil Industry

New to the site are reviews of research topics for the botanical extraction industry.

Topics Review Articles

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Botanical Extractions from the Infinity Supercritical CO2 Extractor System

Infinity Supercritical Review: Ethanol Extraction. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Infinity Supercritical Review: Ethanol Extraction. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Date: 5/11/2022

Ethanol Extraction

With the huge influx of hemp flower and demand for hemp derived full spectrum oil and CB D, processors have turned to huge batch fed extraction methods.

Ethanol extraction is a low initial cost entry method to get a fast botanical extract. For the processor, it’s a quick way to turn cash flow.

For the consumer, they are unwittingly purchasing a product that is cheap to produce, but lacks the robust components when using CO2, or water extraction. Think of product shorting.

The long term results of ethanol processing are higher consumable costs, a highly flammable process requiring fire code compliance (Class 1 Div 2 D), and poor quality product. On the consumer side, the product shorting may not actually address why the consumer purchased the product in the first place (i.e. reducing inflammation from valuable terpenes and CB’s).

Fast Extraction: Large quantities of hemp need to be extracted at harvest time, and ethanol is one extraction method for bulk processing fast.

Low Capital Cost: Large batch fed assemblies are inexpensive to acquire.

Big Batch Quantity: .5 to .6 gallons of ethanol per pound botanical input. Can scale up to almost any size tank or batch.

Super Chill Extraction and Winterization: If you chill with CO2 or nitrogen down below -70 F, you can optimize extraction and winterization simultaneously.

Poor Overall Efficiency: Unless you use good quality (expensive) ethanol, poor overall extraction efficiency.

Terpenes: Poor terpene retention.

Appearance and Bitter Taste: Unless high quality solvent, expect green tints and bitter taste from chlorophyll.

Lack of Active Hemp Components: Depending on process, you may lose terpenes and CB’s.

Ethanol Recovery: A slow process to recover some of the consumable.

Lipids (Waxes): Ethanol pulls out long chain fatty acids very efficiently.

TIME: Carbon Filtering. Many processors use carbon filters to remove the green tint and bitter taste, which also removes the CB’s.

Poor Quality Ethanol: Expensive ethanol has low water content (good). Cheap ethanol (80-90 proof for example) has water content, which further reduces the quality of the extract (i.e. more green, bitter tasting chlorophyll, and poor extraction efficiency (bad).

Ethanol Storage Compliance vs. Expensive Rotary Evaporators: There are some huge compliance issues for storage. A potential solution is a large, but expensive, rotary evaporator to increase ethanol recovery.

CAS 64-17-5

Class 1 Division 2 Group D flammable liquid

Ethanol Extraction. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. (pdf download)

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Ethanol Extraction

Infinity Supercritical CO2 Extraction System Pressure Gauges

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not go fully automated ?

CO2 extraction is already a legacy extraction method. In 2015 we surveyed industry extraction professionals and they wanted a semi-automated machine. We also surveyed Apeks Supercritical customers, and found their dissatisfaction with automation when the power when out (the CO2 was automatically vented, providing huge loss of CO2, which happens more regularly than you’d think), and software update issues. Apparently there were a number of lawsuits initiated because of unhappy customers. So we decided to apply our pressure vessel knowledge from our renewable energy systems (organic rankine cycle) to this industry. We made a system that was semi-automated. The only issues we have are with the Cat310 pump (as with every other extractor manufacturer who has problems with CO2 pumps).

What are the issues ? CO2 is high pressure. Sealing high pressure is difficult and expensive. Pumping a CO2 gas can be done with a diaphragm pump, which requires an external (loud and another maintenance item) air compressor (Apeks), or a liquid CO2 pump using pistons (most common and effective for liquid pumping). Other pumps exist, but cannot tolerate the pressure, unless you go exotic (i.e. expensive).

Why not just invent a new reliable pump ? We did. It was a liquid CO2 cavitation pump (see photo). One moving part. Magnetic seals. No pistons. No maintenance. Nobody had an interest in buying it.

What is the market ?

Below $10,000: Everyone can afford to buy at this price, but the extraction amount is low, customer service support high, and most at this level are in the hobby-want-to-be-commercial extractor, with very high expectations of profit. This is the group with the lowest amount of professional business prowess, and least educated to make a profit. Turnover, support, and refunds are high in this group. The general customer type is angry, and provide lots of threats (i.e. lawsuits, extortion, harm, fake social media posts, etc.).

$20,000-$50,000: Niche market and most active for purchases and businesses that want to make money and more professional.

Above $50,000: More professional clients, but harder to sell product.

Above $300,000: Most desired, but least available.

What has the Pandemic done to sales ? Sales have tanked. Nobody is spending money in this industry for equipment. The hemp market has seen raw hemp flower bottom out, since everyone wanted to grow this new novel crop.

What is the best technology ? Water extraction or oil-oil extraction. Both of these methods do not require high pressure, expensive fittings, or a CO2 pump (which is the heart of any CO2 system, and the most problematic). Either system can be push-button (for the operator factor).

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Now Available Supercritical CO2 Design NFT: Infinity Supercritical is the first in the botanicals industry to offer its 10L Supercritical CO2 Extractor as a NFT. As the owner of the NFT, you can resell, license, and manufacture the industry proven hemp extractor with worldwide rights. As the owner of the NFT, you get the sales proceeds of any 10L system (less manufacturing costs from Infinity if you do not opt-out). For more info... More Info

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Infinity Supercritical CO2 10 Liter Extractor Design and Worldwide Rights: NFT for our 10L design... More Info

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Laser Rosin Press Microburst technology for cell contents extraction while preserving valuable terpenes... More Info

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