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$149,000 Complete System: New 10L Supercritical CO2 Extractor System Information (includes extractor, spare parts, chiller, training, crate/freight/insurance to lower 48 USA)... More Info

$399 DIY Home Extraction System Make at-home full spectrum extractions and infused oil for external applications and skin cream. Uses vegetable oil as the solvent for the extraction, and dispense right out of the Mason jar. The same mixer can be used to make high value skin creams. Touchless extraction and mixing. Visit our SwissMixIt site at... More Info

Pro Tips and Training: Learning proper extraction technique is critical to success... More Info

Technology: Silent operation, no compressor required, fast extraction... More Info

Video: YouTube videos of extraction, maintenance, and operation... More Info

Parts for Sale: Cat Pumps, Seals, and other Items for Sale... More Info

Payback on Extractor System as short as 11 days. Fast Return on Investment (ROI): Bottle straight from the machine to sell direct to customers for best value added extraction... More Info

Full Spectrum Oil: The Infinity Supercritical 10L Extraction system is for extraction of high quality full spectrum oil from hemp and other botanicals. It runs completely silent, and is semi-automated. Compact design fits through any door, hallway, or elevator. Bottle-ready extarct straight out of the machine you can sell direct or mix with a carrier oil into a packaged retail product. More Info

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