As Infinity Supercritical moves towards Eco Extraction, we are offering licensing or acquisition of the 10L CO2 system and licensing or acquisition of our Fast Filter systems.

Products for Licensing:

(a) 10L CO2 Extractor

(b) Fast Filter

(c) Vacuum Table

Build License Materials (Deliverables):

A. Manuals (pdf)

B. Parts List

– Part Description

– Part Quantity

– Part Supplier

– Part SKU

– Part Equipment Use or Location

C. Suppliers

D. Blueprints

E. Build Notes

F. Ordering Strategy

G. Build Strategy

H. Testing

I. Crating

– Amount and Type of Wood

– Fasteners

– Plans

J. Training

K. Checklists

L. Equipment Needed for Manufacture and Assembly

– Machines

– Tools


If you are interested in purchasing a build license, please contact us.


TEL: 720-541-9113

Shop Location: Ferndale, Washington

Sales Office: Madison, Wisconsin