For Hemp CBD Investors and Funding Groups: Please read our strategy and methodology on how to capitalize extraction systems, and grow vertically into this botanical oils market. PDF: 20190129-infinity-supercritical-hemp-cbd-investor-strategy


Infinity Supercritical LLC is the leading botanical extraction innovator in the industry. Infinity is offering the Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment technology for sale.

Breaking News: 2018 Farm Bill signed into law… hemp legal on a Federal basis.

Includes Wisconsin Hemp Processors License


Executive Summary PDF: 20181127-infinity-supercritical-executive-summary



Investors: For the purchase Infinity Supercritical LLC, which includes the Supercritical CO2 equipment and supercritical extraction technology innovation portfolio. Also now includes a Wisconsin Hemp Processors License. The acquisition includes equipment design, customer lists, and access to parts sales to previous customers. It also includes the CO2 pump cleaner, which can be used with any CO2 pump extraction system (nobody else offers a pump cleaner). FlowBar is also included (distribution of CO2 in any CO2 system using a proprietary tube which can be sold to any CO2 extractor system). TriboTube is also included (using Electro Static Precipitation to help collect the botanical oil which can be sold to any CO2 extractor system). Acquiring a mature and engineer certified CO2 extraction system gives you immediate access to the market, and at least a 1-2 year jump on introducing a new CO2 system into the industry. The website and name is also included.  Pre-built ASME pressure vessel inventory is also included. The portfolio does not include the SDR1200 equipment or development.

Core Competency: The benefits of buying directly into the industry allows fast entry into a high growth market. You are buying time, technology, and parts suppliers, into a industry fraught with old technology and supply problems. The Infinity team has specialized in high pressure systems from our supercritical CO2 and ORC turbine technology, and work in CO2 to fuels (green chemistry). The staff has a excellent breadth in technology, manufacturing, and good-old problem solving. All of this adds up to a higher quality product, that is more robust and less prone to breakdowns. Response time to adding new technology, and bringing that technology to market, has been incredibly fast.

Technology Focus: The main focus of research and development has been addressing current extraction industry problems with a solution that results in less maintenance, less downtime, less processing time, which result in increased profits to the processor. For the processor, buying this new technology could result in additional profits (in one machine) of over $1,500,000 per year. Our technology can increase profits to the processor of more than $5,000 per day (depending on market) on a 10L machine alone.

Future Technology Development: Investing gives you access to profiting from new technology, which has already been engineer peer reviewed and certified in legal botanical states.

Post Processing Methods: Infinity has developed a Fast Filter dewaxing system, which provides a method to process winterized solutions, and increase operator profits.

Extraction and Collection Technology: Using the Tribo-effect, Infinity is already applying electrostatic precipitators to botanical oil, at a fraction of the time and energy (a industry first). Another technology developed is FlowBar, that dramatically decreases cycle time by even and thorough delivery of CO2 into the botanicals extraction vessel (another industry first).

Testing: We test our systems with developing component technology and techniques on a daily basis

Developed Supercritical CO2 Technology and Machinery:

– Extractor Design, material and construction specification, blueprints (over 2 years of development)

– 5,000 psi custom screw-on horizontal closure design (manufactured for Infinity) for 2,000 psi system operation (less than 2,000 psi targets oil extraction and leaves behind most waxes)

– Electrostatic Precipitation (TriboElectric Effect) in Cannabis Extraction

– Separation/Collection Vessel Design, material specification, basic drawing

– CO2 Pump Chasis Specification, supplier and part number (custom modified)

– CO2 Pump Head Specification, material specification and part number

– CO2 Pump Cleaner

– Gearbox Specification, supplier and part number (including heat exchanger)

– VFD Controller Specification, supplier, programming, and part number

– PID Electronic Controller which is used for precise temperature and pressure control

– Frame Design, material and construction specification, blueprints (modular Caster Beam frame)

– Piping and Valve Design, material and construction specification, blueprints

– Parts/Valves/Components Specification, supplier and part number

– Bill of Materials list, supplier references, part numbers and contact information

– Operational System Reference Manual

– Drawings and written material are provided in .pdf format for download. Cad/Cam drawings are provided in any standard format, including dwg, stl, xt, dxf, etc. We have a full AutoDesk Suite, and can export to SolidWorks

– Assembly Methodology with basic instructions and technique

– Testing Methodology for final assembly (pressure testing with CO2)

– Support and Training Methodology

  Infinity Supercritical Inside”

– Center column CO2 FlowBar for extraction vessel (to reduce extraction time)

– System Control Methodology via Semi-automated PID heat control zones for extraction and collection vessels

– Modular format utilizing standard pump and CO2 pressurization and heat zones, for 10L, and upgrade modular system to 100L (in 10L increments). System may also be scaled down to 1.5 L and 5L.

– Engineer “peer” reviewed and certified in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado by Kirkland Engineering. More states will be added as the become available.


Our Innovations (click on link to page in this website)

Background of Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction Innovation: In a study of the systems produced and sold by Eden Labs, Apeks and Waters, there were a few common elements which they all possess, and which limit their use.

(1) Restrictive Flow – by using 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch tubes to connect components, flow of the solvent is restricted (in some cases choked or completely clogged). Infinity uses 1/2 inch or larger diameter high pressure tubing to connect components, which results in 4-64 times more flow rate of CO2 solvent. Higher flow results in less processing time, which means more profit for the processor.


(2) Old Technology – the industry leaders currently use technology that is more than 40 years old.

(3) Pump Technology – using diaphragm CO2 gas pumps require a separate air compressor in most cases, require an additional air compressor (and chiller). For larger piston type gas compressors, a chiller is required to cool the work of the compressor (which creates heat as a byproduct). For liquid pumps used in Eden Labs and Waters, the pump head seals and valves fail so quickly, so processors have up to four standby pumps on hand when they fail. In all cases, the industry has tried to adapt off-the-shelf available pumps to little success. Infinity redesigned the pump-head so that it is hot-swappable and can be replaced in a matter of minutes. We have focused on CO2 grade seals and technology, instead of forcing the processor to have multiple standby pumps because of seals which fail quickly. We are also working on a cavitation pump, which eliminates all inherent pump issues.

(4) Lab Grade Systems – if you look at the extraction systems offered by the industry, you’ll see lab grade aluminum racks and supports. Infinity offers a custom, modular industrial steel frame, with casters for mobility and a size which fits through any standard door and in any elevator. This modular approach ships easier, and allows for faster set-up and more convenient operation.

(5) Oil Collection – industry is using old technology pressure drop to extract oil, and water jacketed vessels powered by chillers to maintain temperature. Typically, some oil does not get collected and moves through the pumping system. This is called “carry-over” oil. It clogs moving parts and pumps.

The Infinity Modular Fluid Extractor (MFE) is the next step forward for the botanicals extraction industry. The innovative CO2 FlowBar system and reduces processing time by 25-400 percent. The separation/collection backpressure (BPV) valves allow selectable pressures for fractional distillation.  We have decreased extraction time to 1-4 hours per cycle.

Features of the MFE (Modular Fluid Extractor):Dimensions:  24 x 48 x 71 inches (optimized to fit through a standard doorway and elevator) 610 mm x 1219 mm x 1803 mm Weight: 850 lbs

Base System: 10L Volume (2-2.5 pounds of trim and 4-5 pounds of flower depending on density)

High Capacity CO2 Pump:  Industrial CO2 proprietary modified liquid pump, powered by an electrical motor.  No need for external air compressor. Low noise compared to other extraction systems on the market. Runs virtually silent, reducing operator fatigue. Lower maintenance.

Modular Caster Beam Frame: Each industrial metal frame is mounted on lockable casters, so the unit can easily be repositioned by one person. Frames can be interlocked side-by-side or vertically, to increase production. Frames are 100 percent modular, expandable, and recyclable.

Modular Block Fluid System and FlowBar: Using our patented fluid handling system (modular manifold blocks), the system reduces tubing between components, and with 1/4 and 1/2 inch tubing has higher flow rates for better solvent penetration into the botanicals. The new FlowBar allows fast cycle times which we are still developing that will allow a 45/45 minute cycle time versus 6-12 hours with other systems.

Capacity: The standard system is designed for 10 Liters, or about 2-5 pounds of botanicals depending on botanicals density.  This will produce about 225 grams of extract, depending on available oil in the input botanicals. Output product depending on technique and post processing includes concentrate, live resin, shatter, crumb and oil for vape pens. Most extract needs post processing. One customer reports, “The only post processing I do now is use a vacuum oven on a very low temp just to dehydrate the hydrosols.  The end result is a beautiful HTFSE that needs no carrier and can be loaded directly into vape pens for a tasty solventless extract.”

Sound: Because there is no need for an external air compressor, the system is virtually silent. The only sound is the liquid pump, which is completely sealed. Low ambient sounds results is less operator fatigue. Without the need for other machinery, acquisition, energy, and maintenance costs are reduced. There is no need for a external air compressor (like other extraction systems).

Fractionalizing Output: There are three independently controlled separation/collection vessels, which allow processing of one or more fractions.

Technology Expansion: The modular concept of the frame and sub-components allow easy integration of new technology, to enhance the system effectiveness and profitability.

System Control: The system and process control is provided by a VFD and PID controllers. Optional Remote Communications Protocol RS-232 and Modbus allow a sophisticated communications which can be accessed by computer, iPhone or iPad.  Optional datalogging is provided by a unique Filemaker database solution, which can easily be customized.

Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP): Infinity is the first in the industry to introduce a static charge into the entrained extracted oil. The static charge is produced passively using tribo-effect simply by the CO2 expanding over a food-grade plastic, so no external power required for the precipitator. This helps in collecting the oil more efficiently, and reduces or eliminates carry-over.