Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine for Hemp Hops and Botanical Oil Extracts

Supercritical CO2 Hemp Oil Extraction for Full Spectrum Botanical Oil

supercritical extraction using infinity supercritical processing

Supercritical CO2 10L Extractor System

Supercritical CO2 Extractor 10L system for full spectrum botanical oil extraction. Full spectrum extract. Runs silent. No air compressor needed. This system is built like a tank. Powder coated caster beams with 5 inch heavy duty casters for easy movement. Compact system will fit through any standard door, hallway, or elevator. Terpene extraction can be done running cold prior to turning on the heat for FSO extraction. This system is great for beer hops, hemp, lavender, vanilla, pinene, and other valuable terp extractions. Supercritical CO2 is used for botanical extraction, vapor deposition, lithium battery recycling, precious metal gold recycling, and more.

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Supercritical CO2 Build Licensing

Supercritical CO2 Extractor Build Licensing

Infinity Supercritical is now offering build licenses for its popular and successful CO2 extraction system:

A. Industrial Commercial Worldwide: Unlimited Build License: $99,999

B. Exclusive Build License (per country): $999,999

We also offer plans for the components of the system, including bill of materials, assembly procedures, and more.

Parts and Components Plans Available

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Build Plans Example Prints

Email: Build Plans Licensing

Parts and Components Plans Available

Supercritical CO2 System Support Files Package which includes Cat 310 Pump Conversion to CO2 Parts List and consumable parts such as O rings and more

Supercritical CO2 System Support Files Package

$99 support package includes:

A. Build a CO2 pump from a Cat 310 Pressure Washer pump. Cat 310 Conversion Kit to CO2 Duty (for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a dedicated CO2 pump from Cat). Parts list only. Support is not included. Pressure seal manufacturer for high and low pressure seals as low as $4.00 a seal versus $30-50 a seal from Cat Pumps. Pump assembly checklist.

B. Build a botanicals basket for extraction. 10L Botanical Basket Cad/Cam files including supplier in China for full build purchase.

C. O-rings and other parts. Infinity Supercritical 10L Consumable Parts List and Suppliers with links. Includes PID controller, Cat pump parts, hoses, motor pump coupler, down tube material, CC1 CC2 CC3 O-Rings part number and supplier, brass sleeve o-rings, extraction vessel o-rings, pump valve o-rings, exhaust hose, low and high pressure pump seals, 3 micron stainless steel filter for CC3 (to prevent any material from going into pump), Cat 310 pump valve replacement kit, pump brass sleeve replacement kit, and pump stainless steel retainer.

D. Convert to Automated extraction machine. Supercritical CO2 Automation Information including flowcharts, components, PID justification, and more.

E. Customer Training Checklist.

F. 10L Installation Checklist.

G. 10L Flow Diagram.

H. Crate build cad/cam and parts list.

The above information includes parts lists, part numbers, and suppliers when available. Support is optional and additional.

Package is available via download (zip file 98.4 mb) after payment is confirmed by Infinity.

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Email: Consumable Parts List Questions

Infinity Supercritical is Now Available for Acquisition

This unique opportunity allows you to step into a existing Supercritical Extraction machine business.

Our well-proven 10L Supercritical Extractor runs completely silent and operates from a converted standard Cat310 pump.

Included with purchase:

- 10L Supercritical CO2 System Plans

- Fast Filter System Plans

- All available carts of new, used, and surplus parts

- SDR Spinning Disc Reactor experimenters cart (with crate)

- CO2 phase change system demonstrator (with crate)

- BOM, testing, and assembly procedures for 10L system and shipping crates

- Instagram Page with over 300,000 subs

- WebSite

- FileMaker Web Engine which allow you to easily customize website

- Domain and Server Hosting (transferred to your team)

- Email account

- Depending on negociated price, we may include consulting

- Access to a database of all testing we have done related to supercritical extraction

- YouTube account will all videos

- Access to a database of extraction testing on various botanicals

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Supercritical CO2 Hemp Oil Extraction for Full Spectrum Botanical Oil which retains the terpenes and other valuable plant components during silent extraction which you can bottle right out of the machine and does not use explosive flammable ethanol which makes terpenes evaporate

Supercritical CO2 Demonstrator Cart With Three Pressure Vessels

Supercritical CO2 Phase Change Demonstrator Cart With Three Pressure Vessels

CO2 phase change system rated at 2,000 psi with three collection filter vessels that can be used as filters, extraction. Includes Cat 310 pump converted to CO2 service.

(1) used (like new condition).

Pricing: Please email or call for pricing.

Shipping and handling extra. Includes crate. Surface freight shipping and insurance extra.

Email: Supercritical CO2 Phase Change Demonstrator Cart With Three Pressure Vessels

Large SDR Experimental Disc Assembly

Large SDR Experimental Disc Assembly

Large SDR Experimental Disc Assembly. Spinning Disc Reactor.

(1) available.

Available in cart of supercritical extraction equipment.

Please email for pricing.

Email: Large SDR Experimental Disc Assembly

SDR Experimental Disc Assembly with Cart

Email: SDR Experimental Disc Assembly with Cart

SDR Experimental Hydrodynamic Cavitation Disc Assembly with Cart

SDR Experimental Disc Assembly with Cart

SDR Experimental Disc Assembly with Cart. Spinning Disc Reactor. 110-120 V 60 hz.

(1) available.

Pricing: Please email or call for pricing.

Shipping and handling extra. Includes crate. Requires surface freight.

Infinity Supercritical SDR Spinning Disc Reactor Cavitation Extract Demonstrator.

Cart mounted with industrial powder coating caster beans with heavy duty 5 inch swivel casters (fits through any standard hallway, elevator, or doorway). Unit measures 24 x 48 x 56 inches.

Purpose: The SDR experimenters cart is designed to allow you to experiment with cavitation and sonochemistry in regards to extracting oil from plant flower.

Spinning Disc Reactor: The cart includes multiple SDR units to experiment with. It comes mounted with a modular block motor controlled shaft driven reactor.

How it Works: Plant material is mixed with distilled water and ground down to a consistency which allows it to be fluid through a 1/2 inch tube or hose. A motor controller will adjust the RPM of the shaft drive. A circulation pump allows the material to be continuous loop flow or one pass flow from a 5 gallon bucket. A vertical mounted heated stainless steel filter assembly allows you to experiment with heating the liquid flow. When started, the flower infused distilled water is circulated through the spinning discs, which cause cavitation to implode the water to create the pressure to break the plant cell to release the oil. Multiple sight ports are provided which allows you to see the cavitation in action. Typically you put a flashlight on one side which allows light to pass through to the other view port so you can see the process. The modular block construction with quick release 3/8 inch bolts allows you to quickly change the disc spacing and disc assembly pattern. Once the solution is passed through the SDR process, it can be collection into a bucket, or through a oil water separator. A batch fed centrifugal separator is included, which allows you to separate any fiber, water, and oil.

Uses: Extracting oil from hops to make beer is one application.

What is Included:

- 24 x 48 x 56 inch professionally powder coating caster beam cart with 5 inch swivel casters

- Aluminum structural horizontal supports

- Caster beams and support use standardized 3/8 inch bolts

- Laser cut and 3/8 threaded and bored clear acrylic work table top, bottom, and vertical surface, which allow quick attach points to hold components securely to frame

- Vertical mounted stainless steel heat banded filter vessel with input and exit ports


- Motor controller (110V to DC)

- Heat band controller

- DC motor drive

- Aluminum and HDPE modular block assembly housing with 3/8 quick release bolts, including multiple view ports, sensor ports, input and exit ports (reversible)

- Hoses

- Extract cavitation discs with multiple patterns

- Other SDR experimental assemblies

- Professionally built crate

- Power: standard USA 110V power cable included

Email: SDR Experimental Disc Assembly with Cart

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Now Available Supercritical CO2 Design NFT: Infinity Supercritical is the first in the botanicals industry to offer its 10L Supercritical CO2 Extractor as a NFT. As the owner of the NFT, you can resell, license, and manufacture the industry proven hemp extractor with worldwide rights. As the owner of the NFT, you get the sales proceeds of any 10L system (less manufacturing costs from Infinity if you do not opt-out). For more info... More Info

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