Fast Filter

Fast Filter System (dual bowl) for Dewaxing Winterized Solutions $16,999 Compare As a Better Value to Drain Droyd and Filter Trolley

Dewaxing and Processing Winterized Solution – Fast and Efficient
Equipment for dewaxing, filtration and oleoresins. Made in USA at our shop in Ferndale, Washington. Crate/Freight/Insurance included in price to lower 48 USA. For botanical oil, we do not recommend using carbon filters, since they can filter out the valuable components of the oil.

Botanical Processing: Using the Fast Filter as part of a winterization process, some (most) of the THC will be trapped with the wax in the paper filter.

Botanical Processing and Diamond Mining: Using a live resin process, this system can be used for processing the basis of recrystallization (Diamond Mining or Jar Tech). The separation of CB D from terpenes is what Diamond Mining (crystallization of terp sauce) is all about, and is incredibly flarorful and potent end product.

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Product: The Fast Filter system is a batch feed winterized solution filter, using fast vacuum technology, which is well proven. Fast pour and replace paper filters with each pour, for best product utilization. We recommend not using carbon filters, which may filter our valuable botanical components. (Scientific reference on why not to use carbon)

Profits: The Fast Filter system allows process filtering of small amounts of botanicals winterized solutions, compared to other batch reactors, which are slower, have high priced consumable paper filters, and do not include all the necessary equipment for running the machine.

Time: The system saves you time. The one-stop methodology gets you finished product faster, and at less production cost. We also sell the paper filters, at almost half of other sources.

10L: $16,999  
Industrial Processors Package
– (2) Loading Bowl Funnel for Filter Placement
– Stainless Steel Filtrate Concentrate Vessel
– Vacuum Pump 110V Single Phase (USA)
– Industrial Cart with Casters (USA)
– Starter Kit Paper Filters (20 inch)
– Small Footprint 24x24x48 inches
– Self-contained System
– Plug and Play
– Wooden Crate for Shipping Included
– All Built in the USA
– Custom Built Vacuum Pump Included
– Freight and Insurance to lower 48 USA Included



Fast Filter Brochures and Comparison to Drain Droyd and Filter Trolley PDFs: