Extraction Systems Currently in Default from Financing

Machines in Default due to Lack of Payment

We currently have SN-062 in default for lack of any payments.

If you buy this machine, you will be responsible for the balance due which is currently $45,000. If not paid, we'll report the machine as stolen property received from original owner, R. Huck.

Last known address and owner: R. Huck and Southwest Desert Botanicals LLC.

Southwest Desert Botanicals LLC, 

3990 E Alsdorf Rd

Eloy, AZ 85131

TEL: 480-340-2047

Company Head:

Mike Snyder

Conquistador Solutions LLC

TEL: 956-271-6243

AZDA Industrial Hemp Program: Processors

Arizona License Info: AZ-P 200380 Chris Sorenson Southwest Desert Botanicals LLC issued / expiration 12/31/2020

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