What makes Infinity Supercritical extracted full spectrum oil better ?

Infinity Supercritical CO2 Botanical Oil Extraction systems product a high quality full spectrum oil right out of the machine.
Run subcritical: Extract a high quality 85 percent CB D near distillate oil ready to bottle right out of the machine. Leave waxes and lipids behind to reduce or eliminate any post processing.
Run supercritical: for full extract including waxes and lipids.

Don’t Use Ethanol Extraction

Top 10 reasons not to use ethanol for extraction of hemp.
1. Poor Yield.
2. Poor Terps Retention.
3. Poor CB D Extraction.
4. Poor Customer Product.
5. High Slippage Costs.
6. High Nitrogen Costs.
7. Permit Nightmare.
8. Bad for Workers.
9. Poor Quality Extract.
10. GMP Approved ?