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$49,000 Shop Demo: 10L Supercritical CO2 Extractor Zero Hours Run Time More Info

$149,000 Complete System: New 10L Supercritical CO2 Extractor System Information (includes extractor, spare parts, chiller, training, crate/freight/insurance to lower 48 USA) More Info

Strategy and Consulting Services: Need help with botanicals business operation or extraction strategy, we are here to assist. More Info

Pro Tips and Training: Learning proper extraction technique is critical to success. More Info

Technology: Silent operation, no compressor required, fast extraction. More Info

Video: YouTube Link More Info

Gold Mining E Wastes Using Supercritical CO2 Supercritical CO2 is a excellent solvent for recovering precious metals from electronic wastes. More Info

Business for Sale: Thinking of getting into the hemp market ? Perfect for IPO or SPAC. More Info

Full Spectrum Oil: The Infinity Supercritical 10L Extraction system is for extraction of high quality full spectrum oil from hemp and other botanicals. It runs completely silent, and is semi-automated. Compact design fits through any door, hallway, or elevator. Bottle FSO straight out of the machine into a retail product.

Email: greg@infinitysupercritical.com

TEL: 608-238-6001

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Business for Sale

Infinity Supercritical LLC is up for sale.

This includes inventory, technology, and optional new IP (if interested in attracting investors or IPO or SPAC).

The business includes all related Supercritical CO2 extraction technology.

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Botanical Stocks are Flying High

Right now various botanical stocks are a hot commodity on the Reddit forums. Pot Stocks Are Flying High Again. It’s Not Just Reddit.

Pot Stocks Are Flying High Again. (Barrons article)

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Botanical Company Stock Prices

Some of the retail traders on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum who helped spark GameStop stock’s brief parabolic pop have set their sights on public botanical companies.

A Complete List Of NYSE And NASDAQ-Listed Botanical Companies

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For Infinity Supercritical Information Contact:
Greg at TEL: 608-238-6001


infinity supercritical crated system

Sale of business includes:

- Plans for building 10L Supercritical Extractor System
- Individual component Cad/Cam files in Solid Works
- Build process
- Build station plans and assembly steps
- Supplier lists, component prices, buying discounts, buying strategies
- FileMaker Database of invoices and customer lists
- FileMaker Database of parts and supplier links
- FileMaker Database of testing formats
- Filemaker Database of extraction experiments
- Infinity Supercritical Domain and Website
- YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClrDLck4p5luL1ZZo8FFFng
- InstaGram Account https://www.instagram.com/infinitysupercritical/ with 340,000 followers
- (4) Large Carts of parts and supplies
- Engineer Reviewed and Certification Documentation
- Certificate of Conformance (which indicates that model has been designed and constructed using generally accepted good engineering practices and meets the requirements for supercritical CO2 solvent based closed loop extraction systems per all applicable codes, and the requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII Div 1-2013 for the designated working pressure.

- First Principles Methodology: Instead of forwarding current form (imitating current design), forward function as the initiator. Use information from different disciplines to make current innovation. Most people are so focused on form, that they overlook the function. As Elon Musk says, people often live life by analogy.

First principles involves boiling down problems to basic elements and then coming up with unique solutions. Be wary of ideas that you inherit, since they are already laden with problems and barriers (like virtually most of the extraction industry using technology that’s more than 50 years old). Old ideas set a boundary around creativity. That distinction is the difference between continuous improvement and first principles. 

First principles means that you abandon allegiance around first forms, and put the function front and center. 

What are you trying to accomplish?

What is the functional outcome of what you are trying to achieve ? 

Optimize function and ignore the form. This is how you learn to think for yourself. At Infinity, we use First Principles to launch solutions for common problems. Our strategy is to maximize your profit, by designing systems that give you the best technology to reduce extraction time (emphasize function).

If you browse through our YouTube videos, you’ll see our testing of reducing extraction time by deploying various methods of extraction. We’ve pioneered interesting and provocative extraction methods from nitrogen decompression, to cycling a 30 min/30 min reduced extraction schedule.

We even invented botanical CO2 ESP (electrostatic precipitation) using expanding CO2 to produce static electricity to help collect sticky oil extracts so they don’t reach the CO2 pump.

We also invented FlowBar to help evenly distribute CO2 from the inside to the outside of the botanical extraction vessel (instead of reversing flows like most conventional extractors do). These technologies reduce extraction time, and provide a more thorough and consistent product.

- Google AdWords Marketing strategies
- Press Release Marketing strategies
- Direct Mail strategies

Sale of Business Includes Website, YouTube, and Instagram

infinity supercritical crated system


Optional 10L Extraction System Inventory: (4) Crated Systems (inventory) available for market value.

Also Optional: consulting after business is sold and hydrodynamic cavitation extraction technology.

infinity supercritical roi payback

Since 2015 Infinity Supercritical has developed, built, and sold (see YouTube for partial display of technologies and experiments):

– Supercritical CO2 systems for the botanicals industry
– Experimented and developed hydrodynamic cavitation extraction system
– Developed vegetable oil solvent based extraction system for hemp and other botanical oil applications, including harvesting terpenes
– Developed hydrodynamic cavitation extraction system for harvesting terpenes
– Researched spinning disc reactor for centrifugal partition chromatography
– Researched structured water for extraction, centrifugal separation, terpene harvesting, plant growth (hydroponics, fogponics) and other applications as presented by state-of-art Russian research and Viktor Schauberger
– Researched spinning laser light for plant growth
– Experimented and developed a one moving part liquid CO2 cavitation pump (this could be developed
– Experimented and developed a modular fogponics system
– Experimented and developed a solid state chiller
– Experimented and developed super chilled salt water, ethanol, and CO2 systems
– Experimented with various methods of using pressure to perform extraction, including pulsed pressure, explosive nitrogen decompression, time pulsed pressure variation, and other schema
– Developed, marketed, and sold a single and dual bowl fast filter system for secondary processing of winterized extracts (system available for licensing)
– Developed a tribo electric CO2 expander with no moving parts
– Developed, built, and put into products a static generator used for collection of particulates, or esp electrostatic precipitator
– Researched and developed a comprehensive database of essential oils and botanical plants specific to the essential oil market and nutraceuticals
– Spoken to thousands of botanical and hemp investors, customers, farmers, start-ups, extractors, developers, dryers, processors, harvesters, retailers, and sales groups.
– Researched effects of LED lights on plant growth cycles and incorporated modular light design into fogponics system
– Developed Filemaker database modules for developing systems, testing, data silos, invoicing, sales, marketing, and other uses
– Using Capstone Turbine for providing co-generation to dry hemp flower

CONTACT TEL: 608-238-6001 Email: greg@infinitysupercritical.com