Build Licensing 10L Supercritical CO2 Extraction System

Supercritical CO2 Extractor by Infinity Supercritical for the botanicals

Supercritical CO2 Extractor Build Licensing

Infinity Supercritical is now offering build licenses for its popular and successful CO2 extraction system:

A. Industrial Commercial Worldwide: Unlimited Build License Starting At: $49,999

B. Exclusive Build License (per country) Starting At: $100,000 for most non-USA countries

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Supercritical CO2 System Support Files Package which includes Cat 310 Pump Conversion to CO2 Parts List and consumable parts such as O rings and more

Supercritical CO2 System Support Files Package

$99 support package includes:

A. Cat 310 Conversion Kit to CO2 Duty (for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a dedicated CO2 pump from Cat). Parts list only. Support is not included. Pressure seal manufacturer for high and low pressure seals as low as $4.00 a seal versus $30-50 a seal from Cat Pumps. Pump assembly checklist.

B. 10L Botanical Basket Cad/Cam files including supplier in China for full build purchase.

C. Infinity Supercritical 10L Consumable Parts List and Suppliers with links. Includes PID controller, Cat pump parts, hoses, motor pump coupler, down tube material, CC1 CC2 CC3 O-Rings part number and supplier, brass sleeve o-rings, extraction vessel o-rings, pump valve o-rings, exhaust hose, low and high pressure pump seals, 3 micron stainless steel filter for CC3 (to prevent any material from going into pump), Cat 310 pump valve replacement kit, pump brass sleeve replacement kit, and pump stainless steel retainer.

D. Supercritical CO2 Automation Information including flowcharts, components, PID justification, and more.

E. Customer Training Checklist.

F. 10L Installation Checklist.

G. 10L Flow Diagram.

H. Crate build cad/cam and parts list.

The above information includes parts lists, part numbers, and suppliers when available. Support is optional and additional.

Package is available via download (zip file 98.4 mb) after payment is confirmed by Infinity.

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Infinity Supercritical is offering build licensing for single and unlimited systems.

Licensing Solutions

Infinity Supercritical is offering build licensing for single and unlimited systems. This is the perfect opportunity to access DIY single or unlimited commercial builds. Infinity Supercritical is now offering plans for single build and unlimited build licensing. The supercritical CO2 extractor uses the best of legacy and advanced subcritical and supercritical extraction technology for producing high quality full spectrum botanical extractions. Other uses may include producing nanoparticles, precious metal CO2 extraction, lithium battery recycling, and other applications. The modular construction of the system allow easy integration for new technology developments, and multi-role add-ons. The heart of the system is the phase change liquid pumping techniques, flow bar, and tribo effect electrostatic precipitation collection system. Many of these deployed technologies were developed by Infinity since 2015 making this system the most advanced in the industry.

The 10L System and associated build plans and instructions are the result of over $1 million in research and development since 2015.

Detailed Plans and Build Strategy

The 10L System and associated build plans and instructions are the result of over $1 million in research and development since 2015. This also includes experience in CO2 phase change, and pressure systems since 2005, when we developed a CO2 gas to liquids process. During our extensive testing on hops during initial build development, we discovered the tribo characteristics of CO2 when expanded over a hybrid food-grade material, which imparts a static charge, which allows the oil extract to stick to the collection vessels, which helps keep our liquid pump clean. We offer one of the best liquid CO2 pump extraction systems in the industry.

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Now Available Supercritical CO2 Design NFT: Infinity Supercritical is the first in the botanicals industry to offer its 10L Supercritical CO2 Extractor as a NFT. As the owner of the NFT, you can resell, license, and manufacture the industry proven hemp extractor with worldwide rights. As the owner of the NFT, you get the sales proceeds of any 10L system (less manufacturing costs from Infinity if you do not opt-out). For more info... More Info

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