Cat 310 Pump Head Cooler For Botanical Extraction Duty


CAT 310 Pump Head Cooler: $6,000. Includes custom machined aluminum block head cooler, PID, fittings, braided hoses, solid state heater. Requires the use of some of the chiller flow (can use same system chiller which provides cool water flow). We are also experimenting with cooling the pump oil system and will convert from the head cooler to crankcase oil cooler after additional experimentation.

Who needs this ?: Operations that run the 10L system (or any pumping operation using the Cat 310 pump) at ambient temperatures above 70F (hot weather), to prevent stalls for botanical extractions using CO2 as the working fluid (solvent) which is phase changed and recirculated. Almost all stalls are produced by the CAT 310 pump head overheating, which causes a phase change from liquid to vapor. The Cat pumps CAT310 pump is a liquid pump, and cannot pump vapor. We also offer a complete set of plans for this optional pump head cooler for $999. Please email for invoice.

Cavitation Pump Development Note: We have experimented with a prototype liquid cavitation pump (spinning discs which cavitate liquid CO2 to high pressure), but have run out of funding to bring that CO2 cavitation pump to market. In the initial testing, we found we could phase change liquid CO2 to water by using our SDR (spinning disc reactor) technique. This type device does not require seals, or any consumables, making it the holy grail of liquid CO2 pumps (i.e. no maintenance and no stalls).



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