Standard Pricing and What’s New

Standard Pricing For Infinity Supercritical Products

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Used 10L: $39,000 Warranty additional. $2,500 crate/shipping. [available as of 5/16]

New 10L: $99,000 (20 lbs/day) [Lease for $5,649 per month] 2 week build (More Info)

Spinning Disc Reactor • Hydrodynamic Cavitation Using Water 

SDR01: $16,999 (lab scale) (More Info)
SDR30: $350,000 (70 lbs/day using water as the solvent) [Lease for $15,365] (More Info)
SDR1200: $2 Million (2,400 lbs/day using water as the solvent) [Lease for $109,426 month] (More Info)

Note: SDR can be used for hemp extract and silver nanoparticle production.

Fast Filter 

Fast Filter 5L: $9,999 (5L pour) in-stock (More Info)
Fast Filter 10L: $16,999 (Dual bowl 10L pour) in-stock (More Info)

Parts and Filters (for both Fast Filter and Drain Droyd)

Parts and Filters (buy online – many items ship same day)                                                  Fast Filter Paper Filters: buy online
Drain Droyd Paper Filters: buy online

What’s New 

SDR01 (Water Extraction Demonstrator)
Lab Scale Processing: Demonstrate hydrodynamic cavitation for your buyers, investors, or just for your own proof of concept. Call or email for pricing. Shipped in one crate. Roll-out and plug in to single phase 110V outlet.                                                                           Major System Components (Built into one sturdy powdercoated modular cart with casters with laser engraved acrylic tabletop and lower deck):
A. Pre-Processing: Grind up your hemp flower into powder. Tabletop grain grinder.
B. Extraction Processing: Spinning Disc Reactor in clear acrylic tube to show real-time extraction and cavitation.
C. Separation and Filtration: Separation of botanical plant matter, water, and oil. Tabletop centrifugal separator.
D. Tools: Tools needed for reconfiguration, experimentation, and maintenance.

Note: All components are separate and not connected. This is a demonstrator of the extraction process. In our SDR30 and SDR1200, all components are in a closed-loop, continuous feed system. Orders are non-refundable.

Price: $16,999.Buy Via PayPal (you may use credit card):

Time to Build: 3 weeks (depending on order queue)

SDR01 Build Process (updated progress)

Infinity Supercritical 10L CO2 Extraction Support and Operations Cart

Price: $6,999.
Time to Build: 2 weeks (depending on order queue)

Buy via PayPal:



Collection Vessel Holder | COLLECTION-VESSEL-HOLDER | Collection Vessel Holder for CO2 system. | Shipping included in price | Price: $600.00

Purchase via PayPal Price $600:

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