Spinning Disc Reactor Hydro SDR1200 Eco Extraction Using Water For Continuous Feed Extraction For Full Spectrum Oil Extract

The New Revolution in Processing using Water as the Solvent
Simple push-button operation and uses only water as the carrier-solvent, this amazing system uses technology that was previously only available in the pharmaceutical industry. Process 50-100 pounds per hour, or up to 2,400 pounds (1,200 kg) per day of hemp, algae, or other botanicals. When adding on the continuous feed Winterization system, this can become your solution for producing full spectrum hemp cbd oil. Fast processing is continuous feed. The cell lysis is under a few seconds.

Please visit our new website for this extraction system at: https://sonicextractor.com

For Hemp CBD Investors and Funding Groups: Please read our strategy and methodology on how to capitalize extraction systems, and grow vertically into this botanical oils market. PDF: 20190129-infinity-supercritical-hemp-cbd-investor-strategy

2019 Hemp Legal In USA: 2018 Farm Bill signed into law. Hemp is now legal on a Federal basis as of January 1, 2019.

Price (starting at): $2,000,000 (Engineering Study required prior to purchase)

Build Time: 6-12 months

The Problem With Large Scale Ethanol Batch Extraction: Typically, large scale ethanol extraction has a number of drawbacks. Since recycled ethanol is imperitive to low cost processing operation, the dilution of the pure ethanol becomes compromised (water keeps getting added) which results in poor extraction efficiency. In addition, ethanol has poor turpene retention (turpepes become volatile and simply evaporate). Finally, many ethanol processors who do a quick-turn extraction, end up with lots of bitter green tasting chlorophyll. To filter out that, they use activated carbon filters (referred to as carbon scrubbing), which also filter out most of the CBD’s ( source: Romano LL, Hazekamp A. Cannabis Oil: chemical evaluation of an upcoming cannabis-based medicine. Cannabinoids. 2013;7(1):1-11.)

Note: Wisconsin Hemp Processors may see a payback in less than a week (full spectrum hemp cbd oil wholesale sell price is $6-40/gram which produced straight out of the machine), other areas that can only sell isolate (cbd crystal) buy at $6.00/gram. We suggest marketing and selling Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil since the processed CBD crystal requires winterization and distillation or chromatography separation.




Please visit our new website for this extraction system at: https://sonicextractor.com

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