10L CO2 Extractor For Fall Harvest – Get 179 Tax Credit for 2019

Extractors for fall harvest. Make quality 85 percent CB D full spectrum oil right out of the machine (no post processing – ready to bottle). Available now.

Buy and get your IRS179 tax deduction (full value of purchase). Limited availability. Order now before the end of the year to get the $99,000 tax credit for each machine purchased up to $1 million. Infinity Supercritical has been building quality hemp oil extractors since 2015.

Using supercritical CO2 as the solvent, each machine can do about 20 lbs per day of input hemp flower, for almost 1kg of high quality oil output per day (your production will vary with experience and training). If you order 10 machines, that’s a $1 million tax credit for 2019. 10 machines will net you about 10kg of high quality full spectrum oil, which you can bottle and sell to the consumer direct. If you sell direct, 1 gram of full spectrum hemp cb d oil (mixed with about 1 oz carrier oil – such as coconut oil), will provide you with a bottle you can sell for $45 or more. If you private label, expect to sell for about $25 a bottle to a retailer.

Buy bottles, labels, and label machine from Amazon. Get your production started ! Buy organic hemp flower for $12-30 per pound, then sell oil for $6/gram wholesale, and over $30/gram retail (if you bottle and sell consumer direct). Each machine will earn you anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 per day.

Why wait ? There are limited quality hemp oil extractors out there. Most are fly-by-night poor quality ethanol processors who produce a inferior product. This CO2 extractor will product a high-quality craft extraction.