Supercritical CO2 Extraction for Full Spectrum Botanical Oil

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$49,000 Shop Demo: 10L Supercritical CO2 Extractor Zero Hours Run Time More Info

$149,000 Complete System: New 10L Supercritical CO2 Extractor System Information (includes extractor, spare parts, chiller, training, crate/freight/insurance to lower 48 USA) More Info

Strategy and Consulting Services: Need help with botanicals business operation or extraction strategy, we are here to assist. More Info

Pro Tips and Training: Learning proper extraction technique is critical to success. More Info

Technology: Silent operation, no compressor required, fast extraction. More Info

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Gold Mining E Wastes Using Supercritical CO2 Supercritical CO2 is a excellent solvent for recovering precious metals from electronic wastes. More Info

Business for Sale: Thinking of getting into the hemp market ? Perfect for IPO or SPAC. More Info

Full Spectrum Oil: The Infinity Supercritical 10L Extraction system is for extraction of high quality full spectrum oil from hemp and other botanicals. It runs completely silent, and is semi-automated. Compact design fits through any door, hallway, or elevator. Bottle FSO straight out of the machine into a retail product.

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supercritical co2 extractor by infinity supercritical

Botanical Extraction News and Updates

For the month of April, we have a demo system available for purchase.

This website is focussed on function and information, instead of flashy nonsense websites with little information, which is the industry standard. You'll find this website a no-nonsense approach to a great portal of information. Our new strategy is First Principles, which places function over form.

This page is the index of all subjects you will find on the website.

News and Updates for Infinity Supercritical

infinity supercritical 10L extractor crated and ready to ship

$49,000 10L Extraction System for Sale

Shop Demo Supercritical CO2 Extractor 10L full spectrum botanical oil extraction (put down a deposit to hold the deal for 30 days).

One (1) System Available. Zero processing hours, tested, crated and ready to ship.

Special Bonus: Order and pay for a system before March 31, 2021, and get spare parts, and installation kit.

-New Chiller: $8,000 (includes shipping to any address lower 48 USA)
-New CO2 Pump: $4,500 (Crate/freight/insurance door to door service lower 48 USA $500)
-Shipping from Madison, WI: Crate/freight/insurance (door to door service lower 48 USA): $2,500

For more information on the shop demo, please click here

infinity supercritical 10L extractor

10L Standard Supercritical Extraction System $149,000

Supercritical CO2 Extractor 10L system for full spectrum botanical oil extraction.

Standard Package Price: $149,000

Includes :
-spare parts (o-rings and some consumables)
-extra new CO2 pump
-professional training via Zoom or online from actual Infinity Supercritical business owner who has two 10L machines and running a successful business in the botanicals industry
-professional build plywood and framed crate
-surface freight with professional lift-gate pick-up and delivery
-freight insurance to anywhere lower 48 USA

Build in the USA using parts fabricated and assembled in the USA.

This system is build like a tank. Powder coated caster beams with 5 inch heavy duty casters for easy movement.

This system is compact and will fit through any standard door, hallway, or elevator.

System operation is manually set parameters, with automatic feedback PID to maintain temperature and pressure. Set it and watch the extraction.

System is designed for maximum 2,000 psi operation. Most processors use 1,400 psi or less.

Terpene extraction can be done running cold prior to turning on the heat for FSO extraction. This system is great for hemp, lavender, vanilla, pinene, and other valuable terp extractions.

Information on the 10L CO2 Extractor with Silent Operation to Produce Full Spectrum Oil and Terpenes

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Business for Sale

Want an ongoing botanical extractor business or want to take a business public with a IPO or SPAC (shell company) ? Infinity Supercritical LLC is up for sale. This includes inventory, technology, and optional new IP (if interested in attracting investors or IPO or SPAC).

The business includes all related Supercritical CO2 extraction technology. Some of the retail traders on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum who helped spark GameStop stock’s brief parabolic pop have set their sights on public cannabis companies.

The advantage of buying a ongoing business is huge time savings and quick entry into the market. You can spend more than two years developing a system and acquiring customers.

Infinity has build more than 100 extraction systems since 2015 and is the market leader in innovation.

For more information, click here...

Need Business Strategy and Consulting ?

Entry into the botanicals business is both challenging and exciting. Use our time-proven results and development to help you dominate the market. Our focus is on making profit while simultaneously developing new products and technologies. You can take advantage of this game changing itellectual property and experience by having us consult for you. Having spoken to thousands of potential customers and actual botanical farmers gives you tremendous insights on how to make money in a competitive industry.

Consulting and Strategy Information

full spectrum botanical oil extract using supercritical CO2

Technology for Botanical Extraction Using Supercritical CO2

Infinity deploys some of the most cutting-edge technology on their machine and system design. Infinity uses First Principle design philosophy.

First principles involves boiling down problems to basic elements and then coming up with unique solutions. Be wary of ideas that you inherit, since they are already laden with problems and barriers. Old ideas set a boundary around creativity. That distinction is the difference between continuous improvement and first principles.

First principles means that you abandon allegiance around first forms, and put the function front and center. This strategy was deployed by Nikola Tesla, and currently used by Elon Musk.

For botanical extraction, the goal is to build a machine that is durable, processes material quickly, efficiently, and makes a profit.

We designed a system that does not require a noisy air compressor, hence our system is completely silent.

Best of all, you can bottle Full Spectrum Oil straight from the machine.

For more information on our Technology please click here

full spectrum oil extraction

Pro Tips and Consulting

Professional training is the key to your successful processing operation and learning to use the Infinity 10L system. If you want a fast and efficient way to start building your profitable business, it's critical to build on a solid foundation of experience and training from a professional hemp processor that has been running our machines for years. Please follow the link below for more information.

Professional Consulting for Training and Pro Tips From Processors

eco botanical processing using hydrodynamic cavitation to extract oil from plants

Eco Extraction using Hydrodynamic Cavitation and Water

The challenges with legacy extraction technologies results in long processing times, poor quality product (like ethanol extraction), operator error, and large operating expenses.

Since 2015 Infinity has been experimenting with a push-button processor which can perform an extraction instantaneously.

The result of those efforts have focussed on aqueous extraction. The concept of using pure water to extract oil from plants has been around for centuries using steam distillation, which is great for recovering terpenes, but doesn't perform well for Full Spectrum Oil extraction.

Using sonochemistry (hydrodynamic cavitation) has been deployed with some small scale success using acoustics (ultrasonic bath), but has never scaled up well for large processing.

Using the SDR (Spinning Disc Reactor) shortens reaction time to just under a second using mechanically rotating discs. What is unique about this process is that you can perform multiple functions with the same technology including extraction, filtration, separation, and flow all using spinning water.

More Information on Eco Extraction and Hydrodynamic Cavitation for Processing Botanicals

supercritical co2 extractor by infinity supercritical
10L Infinity Supercritical Extractor
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New Web Site Format

This website will be the first test of our new Millenium Web Engine, which is based on using a Filemaker (Claris) database backbone. The primary goal is to build a website using semantics specifically referenced by Google (metatags and proper page building), so that their search spiders and page ranking derive better results.

Part of this initiative is building a business around .pdf documents and QR codes, so that customers can easily reference website pages for additional information, including order products and services.

The strategy is function over form. Using First Principles, we are building a Web Engine that provides useful information quickly, and without a lot of clutter which is found in most pretty websites (i.e. WordPress). Building a website rich in .pdf and QR codes provides the view with a better and faster experience. Making the entire process into a database and AI, makes it even better. You control the website and the data (not WordPress). It's more durable, and always backed up on your local computer.

WordPress does not do daily backups, as claimed. When your business depends on your website, you need to take control of its foundation.

FileMaker and Claris Corporation

Page Format

This website is rendered for standard USA printing. Margins are set for 8.5 inch printing. QR codes are for active sites and links. The goal of this functionality is for ease in saving to PDF or printing directly as a brochure.

The QR code printed out on each page allows easy access via most smart phones to directly link the website with a simple scan via the phone (most phones now scan QR code under the photo setting, and then take you to the website). This is further extended to equipment businesses where QR code labels can be placed directly on a machine or part for reference and reordering.

Essentially, the QR code and website become a E commerce system, all built into one.

supercritical co2 flow diagram for extraction systems


Tap into our knowledge base of information for botanical extraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

supercritical co2 system

Machines in Default

From time to time customer financing falls though and we have machines in default. Look through our current defaultmachines to make sure you're not buying a machine that has been in default, since you'll be responsible for the funding owed.

Machines in Default (do not buy used)

sample coa certificate of analysis for botanical extraction

LAB Results

For more information on lab results and extractions from the 10L machine, please follow the link below.

If you want to see COA's from one of our customers, please visit https://resonancefarm.com to see their online analysis.

Lab Results for Supercritical CO2 Extraction.

10L infinity supercritical CO2 system


Infinity Supercritical LLC was started by a developer entrepreneur coming from the supercritical CO2 energy industry. Multiple patents for CO2 based modular block fluid handling system (originally developed for a project in 2004 which converted CO2 into alcohol, such as ethanol, methanol and butanol), and multiple patents are currently pending for supercritical fluid extraction devices and methods of extraction including Spinning Disc Reactors and other methods of extraction including vortex tube reactors for air extraction.

More Information About Infinity Supercritical

laser cut components for a supercritical CO2 system


Infinity maintains research to review botanical extraction technology and science articles.https://www.claris.com

Publications Information

Shipping and Owners Resources

It's important to thoroughly inspect the system crate upon arrival from the freight company. We install damage indicators on the inside and outside of the crate so you have some idea if there has been mishandling. If you do not see these indicators, then have been removed and expect damage (tip over, drop, etc.). For more information, please click on the link below.

Shipping and Owners System Reference Information

gold mining system for electronic wastes using supercritical co2

Gold Mining Electronic Wastes with Supercritical CO2

Precious metals including copper, gold, and palladium can be dissolved in supercritical CO2 by oxidation. This supercritical fluid dissolution technique provides a dry method for recovering precious metals from abandoned electronics and spent catalysts with minimum waste generation.

Currently, increasing amounts of end-of-life (EoL) electronic products are being generated due to their reduced life spans and the unavailability of suitable recycling technologies. In particular, waste printed circuit boards (PCBs) have become of global concern with regard to environmental issues because of their high metal and toxic material contents, which are pollutants.

Hydrometallurgy is a successful technique used worldwide for the recovery of precious metals (especially gold and silver) from ores, concentrates, and waste materials. It is generally preferred over other methods because it can offer high recovery rates at a relatively low cost.

Supercritical fluids, especially those based on inert substances, are considered as clean solvents, free from the environmental concerns of disposal, handling and toxicity associated with organic solvents. A pure supercritical fluid is a substance above its critical temperature and pressure.

Technological development and intensive marketing support the growth in demand for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), for which printed circuit boards (PCBs) are vital components.

Recovering Gold From Electronic Waste

Liquid CO2 Cavitation Pump

New Technology

Infinity Supercritical has experimented with innovative modular system technology which is available for licensing including:
- Liquid CO2 Pump with one moving part based on cavitation
- FlowBar which evenly distributes CO2 through botanicals in a extraction vessel
- Solid State Chiller
- Grow Towers mounted on folding castered beams for automated grow operations indoors. This technology is based on fogponics to reduce growing media and efficiently distributing hydroponic fertilizer to plant root systems on a vertical growing methodology.

New Technology and Licensing

stainless steel baskets for botanicals

New Surplus and Used Parts for Sale

Infinity is now putting together the new and used parts and components for sale. These include collection vessels, liquid CO2 pumps, Swagelok fittings, motors, BackPressure Valves and other items.

New Surplus and Used Parts for Sale


New to the site are reviews of research topics for the botanical extraction industry.

Topics Review Articles

Oil and Water Separation Technologies

Oil and Water Separation Technologies

Here are some publications for the state-of-art liquid separation technology.

Oil and Water Separation Tech Page

Vortex Botanical Extraction of Cascade Hops with 1 Second Extraction

Vortex Extraction of Oil from Botanicals

Infinity has experimented with many technologies which perform cell lysis. One of those is the fascinating vortex tube. It has traditionally used for pressuried air to produce spot cooling and heat, along with separation functions in the oil and gas industry. The vortex converts pressure into rotational energy (over 1,000 g force) which effectively becomes a centrifuge liquids (air, water, oil, etc.). The high g forces can result in cell lysis, and the rotational element can separate resulting extract.

Vortex Device for Botanical Oil Extraction and Separation

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