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Infinity Supercritical.
Standard Pricing.
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Supercritical CO2 Extractors for Amazing Hemp Oil, Live Resin, and Diamonds.
Aqueous Extractors.
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Aqueous Extraction.
One Step Craft CO2 Extraction.

Supercritical CO2 Extractor 10L full spectrum hemp oil extraction

Infinity Supercritical.
10L CO2 Extractor.
Price: $99,000.
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Best Hemp Oil.
Full Spectrum Oil.
Live Resin.
THCA Diamonds.
Financing available.
10L CO2 Botanical Hemp Oil extractor from Infinity Supercritical is a CO2 extraction system in 1-4 hours and produces a full spectrum oil right out of the machine.

SDR100K • SDR50K • SDR10K • SDR2000 • Hemp Oil Extraction Using Water For Continuous Feed Extraction For Hemp Full Spectrum Oil Extract • Aqueous Extraction

Eco Extraction.
Aqueous Extraction.
Industrial Hemp Extraction:
SDR2000: (2,400 lbs/day).
SDR10K: (10,000 lbs/day).
SDR50K: (50,000 lbs/day).
SDR100K: (100,000 lbs/day).
Use water for hemp full spectrum oil extraction.
Aqueous Extraction.
Eco-Extraction from Infinity Supercritical is a water solvent based method for continuous botanical hemp oil extraction.
It produces a full spectrum hemp oil right out of the machine. Similar sized ethanol extraction system sold by others has a ethanol consumable cost between $500,000 to $50 million per year.
SDR Other Applications: Silver Nanoparticles.
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