Standard Pricing and What’s New

Infinity Supercritical.
Standard Pricing.
$49,000 10L CO2 Used Shop Demo For Sale.
$99,000 IRS 179 Tax Credit Per 10L Machine for Purchases in December 2019.
Leasing: $2,500 per month.
Supercritical CO2 Extractors for Amazing Oil.
Fast Filter: December Special – Buy One Get One Free !
What’s new.
One Step Craft CO2 Extraction. Leave waxes behind if you run near subcritical (reduces or eliminates winterization). Output oil straight out of the machine near isolate quality (85 percent CB D).

Hemp Oil Extractors Available Now – Get the IRS179 Tax Credit for 2019 for Purchases in December

Extractors for fall harvest. Make quality 85 percent CB D full spectrum oil right out of the machine (no post processing – ready to bottle). Available now.

Buy and get your IRS179 tax deduction (full value of purchase). Limited availability. Order now before the end of the year to get the $99,000 tax credit for each machine purchased up to $1 million. Infinity Supercritical has been building quality hemp oil extractors since 2015.