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10L System Discount $69,000 (Regular $99000)

10L System Financing $19,999 Down

($9999/month for 9 months based on regular $99000 purchase price)

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Return on Investment Projections | ROI

infinity supercritical sample return on investment

Filemaker ROI Application


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Infinity Supercritical ROI Projections 

Projections: Infinity has developed a return on investment (ROI) using Filemaker, which runs on Mac/Windows and also on iPhone/iPad (using Filemaker Go Application). There are multiple pre-filled templates for the systems, however you can change the data within those templates, or duplicate the template and put in any data you want, for any machine. Data is assuming a qualified, and experienced extraction machine operator/technician, and qualified and experienced post processing operation. Quality in = Quality out. If you are not experienced, and do not have training, do not expect any results. For illustrative purposes only.


Download the ROI from Infinity Supercritical

Sample ROI - Based on 10L System - For illustrative purposes only. Cycle time can be one to four hours.

infinity supercritical sample return on investment
oil extraction profit