Larger Diameter Interconnection Tubing 


We use 1/4 and 1/2 inch diameter stainless steel tubing in our extraction systems. Using larger diameter tubing resists clogging. Some of the most popular extraction systems use a small diameter 1/8 and 1/16 inch tubing which clogs constantly. The larger diameter tubing we use has other benefits, including higher flow rate of the CO2, which results in less cycle time. Larger diameter tubing also results in less cleaning and maintenance (it’s also easier to clean). The benefit of using larger diameter tubing allows the use of a larger CO2 pump, which decreases processing cycle time. Less time processing time = more profits.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction Process Vessel Tube Size









Electrostatic Precipitation Collection 

Infinity Supercritical is the first to use new patent-pending electrostatic precipitation system for separation and collection of the oil. Oil is charged and adheres to the collection vessel.

Solid State Heating 


Infinity uses solid state thermoelectric heating to regulate temperature within the extraction systems. We also use

Supercritical CO2 flat plate heat exchangers for our larger models

which allow you to use cool tap water, outside air, or chiller cooling, as a supplement to our thermoelectric technology, which gives you the option of using less energy to run the system.

Quiet Pump Technology 


Our systems do not use noisy and heat generating CO2 compression systems. Other systems require a separate air compressor to run, and a chiller to cool down the compressor.

Our systems use phase change dynamics, which use solid state thermoelectric devices to bring CO2 to supercritical. This results in energy cost savings, and less operator (noise) fatigue.

Stainless Steel Washdown Quality Pump Motor 


Our systems use stainless steel washdown quality pump

motors and NEMA 4X motor drives. Our systems use single phase. While 60 hz is the standard configuration, you have the option of 50 hz if you are operating outside the USA.

Sight Glass - View Supercritical CO2 in Action 


Our systems use high pressure stainless steel sight glass

viewports which allow you to see the CO2 in liquid or gas


Botanical Basket 

We offer a quick-change basket option for our customers, which

allows the input and removal of botanicals from the extraction

vessel in less than a minute. All systems include a 40 micron basket to hold botanicals.

Advanced CO2 Pump-Head Cartridge 


Let’s face it, the CO2 pump is the heart of any extraction system.

When the pump goes down for maintenance or seal replacement,

the system is down, which means you are not making money.

Infinity has put this issue at the forefront of design innovation.

If you have a Waters machine, then you know what we’re talking about. You probably have two or four extra pumps on standby, so that you don’t have to be down for any long period of time. We retrofit a commercial liquid CO2 pump with a Infinity designed seal and valve mechanism for longer periods between replacement. We also will supply spring energized pump seals customized for your pump at a fair price. Combine that with our Electrostatic Precipitation System (little to no carry-over oil into pump), and you have a solid running pump.


Infinity Supercritical Electrostatic Precipitation ESP charges oil to adhere to collection vessel
FLIR Infinity Supercritical Forward Looking Infrared Imaging




CO2 Flow Bar 


Infinity Supercritical tests new innovation on a daily basis.

Other than constantly reviewing and making the pump

system better, we are now experimenting with a new type

of CO2 flow bar that enhances the CO2 delivery and

distribution within the botanicals extraction vessel. While almost every CO2 extraction system enters in one end, and exits the other, our new concept delivers CO2 in a uniform

manner throughout the entire extraction vessel.

infinity supercritical co2 flow bar for even distribution of co2 thoughout the botanicals


Reduced Cycle Time 


Infinity Supercritical tests new innovation on a daily basis.

The new challenge that was given to us by John Baker at

Fogponics was to develop a CO2 extraction system that

can rival fast BHO extractions. Using Citra beer hops as our media to test, we have tested a 6 percent extraction in 30 minutes, 9 percent in one hour, and 18 percent in 3 hours or less. Note that hops has more yield than Cannabis, so expect 30 percent less yield in most Cannabis. Quality in = quality out. Your results may vary, depending on experience.

As we try new techniques and methods of extraction, we

expect the extraction time to be further reduced.

infinity-supercritical citra beer hops supercritical co2 extraction with terpenes liquid 30 minute extraction
infinity-supercritical citra beer hops supercritical co2 extraction with terpenes liquid 60 minute extraction
infinity-supercritical citra beer hops supercritical co2 extraction with terpenes liquid 90 minute extraction







IPM - Integrated Pump Management 


Since the CO2 pump is the heart of any extraction system, we focus on the pressure provided by the pump. That focus has resulted in a system called Integrated Pump Management, which gives the pump drive real-time feedback on system pressure, and adjusts the pump output pressure accordingly. Set the pressure, and it maintains pressure.



Infinity Supercritical uses Forward Looking Infrared Imaging to sense temperatures and flow rates in the extraction systems. This gives the processor valuable data which can be used to hone in on desired extraction techniques.

State of the Art - Heat Recovery Unit 


Infinity Supercritical uses a heat recovery unit which cools

the pump gearbox as it heats the CO2 going into the extraction vessel. This not only extends the life of the pump gearbox, but transfers the heat to where it’s needed. The CO2 flow gets preheated and reduces energy costs of machine operation.

Infinity Supercritical heat recovery unit takes waste heat from pump gearbox and uses to preheat CO2 for supercritical CO2 fluid extraction of Cannabis and hops

Modified CO2 Pump 


Infinity Supercritical uses a industrial CO2 pump head,

which has been heavily modified, to perform to the

demands of Cannabis oil extraction environment.

This includes modified seals, o-rings, valves, and

sleeve material. Emphasis has been placed on a user

serviceable pump, with fast turn-around and low down-time.

infinity supercritical cut away of modified liquid co2 industrial pump

PLC  | Full Automation 


Infinity Supercritical is now offering as a option, a add-on PLC for full automation and functionality, with optional smartphone monitoring. The PLC will open/close valves and control the pressure and VFD for pump management. Because we use a actual Back Pressure Valve (BPV), we can maintain very accurate pressure within the system.

Solid State CO2 Gas Chiller and Liquid Heater 


Infinity Supercritical has developed a solid state chiller that cools CO2 gas to liquid, and simultaneously heats liquid CO2 to supercritical. This design is virtually 100 percent energy efficient, and captures the waste heat of the chiller to provide liquid heating.

Using solid state electronics this chiller simultaneously heats and chills for 100 percent efficiency.

10L Expansion Modules  | Up to 100 Liter 


Infinity Supercritical is the first manufacturer to offer a 10L base unit, which is sized for up to 100 L in expansion stages (10L increments). The pump is oversized and derated, so it has the capacity to handle additional extraction vessels. Each expansion cart can handle up to 40L in vessel capacity, and is completely modular (plug-and-play). This concept allows the owner/operator to start with a base unit, and expand as business expands, without any major equipment changes (other than adding on 10L modules).

Fast Extraction Technology 


Infinity Supercritical is the first in the industry to experiment and develop the 30/30 and 45/45 schedule, for fast extraction which rivals BHO, but provides a cleaner result. This translates into more profit for the operator, and faster turn-arounds. Our FlowBar and Basket system allow fast cycle and minimal downtime between runs.  Depending on which machine you are running, our system may be able to run 2-4 times the amount of botanicals in the same amount of time.

TriboSonic Acoustical Enhanced Extraction Technology 


Infinity Supercritical has announced the development and experimentation of a new method of enhancing oil extraction using supercritical CO2. The technique uses high pressure CO2 to create acoustical ultrasonic waves that literally vibrate the Cannabis or other botanicals to release the entrained oil.  Best of all, the process is passive, and does not require any external power to produce the effect. Similar to TriboTube which uses CO2 moving over a hybrid plastic to produce electrostatic precipitation (to enhance oil recovery), the TriboSonic method also uses CO2.

Tribosonics uses moving CO2 to produce acoustical ultrasonics to enhance oil extraction from botanicals.

Spinning Disc Reactor 


Infinity Supercritical is developing a SDR Spinning Disc Reactor for the extraction of oil using distilled water as the solvent. This type of technology is used frequently in other industries, and does not require the use of CO2 and has a very fast extraction time.