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 Continuous Feed Organic Extraction - Patented

infinity supercritical botanical extraction system 10 liter
Infinity Supercritical SDR 800 Spinning Disc Reactor Oil Extraction System Side View

Spinning Disc Reactor

Infinity Supercritical has developed a SDR that can be used for botanical oils extraction using distilled water. This is the industries first completely organic extraction method which does not use Ethanol, Propane/Butane, or CO2.


How The Closed-Loop System Works:  The botanicals are ground to a fine powder. The powder is mixed with a liquid (in this example, distilled water). The slurry is then fed into the spinning disc reactor where the botanical plant cells are sheared, and the oil is released. The spin action produces a shockwave which acts as micro depth charge, and the resulting jet breaks the plant cell. Plant cells have strength anywhere from 300 psi to just over 4,000 psi. The shockwave produced can be anywhere from 3,000 to 17,000 psi. The slurry is then pumped into a centrifugal separator and decanter to separate out the waste botanical plant matter, water, and oil. Both the spent plant matter and water can be fed into an additional zeolite enzyme reactor (waste water processing plant) where the plant material is consumed by microbes, thereby eliminating any disposal headaches and costs. The byproduct of the process is CO2 and water. The distilled water is then filtered for any residual particulate matter, and then recirculated and reused. The oil can be further post-processed and distilled into fractions (isolate). The system is closed-loop.


Electrostatic Precipitator: Infinity Supercritical is the first in the industry to utilize static electricity to assist in collection of oil. Commonly known as ESP, electrostatic precipitation is a method used in many industries to remove particulates in flow. In this case, we’re applying some same technology (but with our own invention) to separate and collect oil. 


Continuous Feed:  This system is designed for continuous feed and extraction processing.


Push-Button Operation: The SDR is unique in that once you have the parameters set, the operator only has to turn the system on and monitor (also done by a PLC). No need for complex recipes, computer algorithms, PLC’s controlling a vexing array of valves, pressures, and temperatures, etc. This push-button system is unique to the industry, and reduces operator input into the success or failure of the process. If your operation now is dependent on its weakest link, then you’ll understand. Our PLC monitors the system, so that you have reports accessible online and by a smartphone, so you’ll have all the metrics at your fingertips.


Modular and Scalable: Our organic botanical reactor is made from our modular blocks. Termed industrial Lego by the National Science Foundation, the modular blocks are bolt-together with standardized parts, and can be easily upgraded and scaled up.


Hi-Tech Applications: SDR can also be used to produce and manufacture Silver Nano Particles  and looking forward into the high-tech industry, part of a manufacturing process to make Graphene.

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