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(1) 10L CO2 Demo System Available For $25,000

Used demo extraction system runs silent, no compressor. Shipping/training and other options additional. More info and photos

(1) 10L CO2 System Available For $29,000

New with warranty. System runs silent, no compressor. $9,999 holds price for 30 days. Shipping/training and other options additional. Photos/Info.

(1) 10L CO2 System Available For $59,000

New with warranty. Silent operation. Shipping/training/chiller/spare-parts included.

Infinity Supercritical Hydro SDR1200 Spinning Disc Reactor Oil Extraction System
Liquid CO2 Pump Cleaner
Liquid CO2 Pump Cleaner

Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction System

Introducing the CO2 Pump Cleaner

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Recirculating Ethanol Pump Cleaner for Liquid CO2 Pumps


Infinity Supercritical has developed a device which connects to your liquid CO2 pump, that will clean both your pump internal moving parts, and the seals, at the same time. Ethanol is pumped (using your liquid pump) closed-loop through the pump which dissolves any botanical oil build up.


The reclaimed oil from the pump can then be recovered using a rotovap. This pump cleaning device can be used with any Cat CO2 pump. Depending on the configuration of your liquid pump, the device may also be able to be used with other industrial CO2 pumps.


The main advantage of this type of closed-loop cleaning system is that you can clean the seals in place, without removing the pump head.


Instructional Videos for Start-up, Training, Operation, and Maintenance (click-here)


Liquid CO2 Pump Cleaner