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Infinity Supercritical Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine

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Infinity Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction for Botanical Oil
infinity supercritical 10 liter system  front view co2 extraction system with chrome frame - extraction time 1-3 hours - closed loop


Infinity Supercritical SDR 800 Spinning Disc Reactor Oil Extraction System


fast filter for dewaxing winterized solution

5L $9,999  and  10L $16,999

Infinity Supercritical Liquid CO2 Pump Cleaner



Supercritical CO2 Cannabis Oil Extraction Links

Advantages of Supercritical CO2 Extraction with a Infinity Supercritical System


Advantages with Infinity: 


-Simplicity: because our systems are not automated, you do not have to

worry about software updates, system shutdowns (in the middle of a run 

due to power failure or software hickups), or problematic pressure 

control. No noisy air compressor needed. Runs silent. 


-Full Automation: After consulting with more Cannabis extraction

professionals, we have decided against moving forward with full 

automation. Our customers are getting such great results with a 

semi-automated system, we believe it is not advantageous to deploy 

fully automated PLC systems. After talking with several Apeks 

customers, we do not believe that a fully automated system, is the 

best choice for a production Cannabis oil operation. 


-FlowBar: we distribute CO2 over the length of the extraction vessel,

and from the inside of the Cannabis to the outside. The result is a 

much faster, and complete extraction. This means that you can run 

through 2-4 times more cycles than with the same size competition. 

With our system, you can do a extraction cycle in 1-3 hours. Faster 

extraction means more profit, so your payback is even faster with our 

system. To be conservative, just plan on a 3 hour extraction time, and 

experiment with your actual extraction time. 


-Electro-Static Precipitation System: we use the action of the CO2

flowing over food-grade Teflon to produce a passive static charge. The 

tribo-effect charges the oil entrained in the CO2 gas so that it 

sticks to the first contact, which is the first collection vessel. 

Better collection equals less or minimal carry-over, which reduces 

pump maintenance. 


-Simplified Pump Maintenance - Bolt on Pump Cleaning System: we are

now offering a optional bolt-on pump cleaning device, which when 

hooked up to the luquid CO2 pump will clean moving parts of the pump, 

and the pump seals, in place. The closed-loop cleaning systems uses 

ethanol, and the botanical oil cleaned from the pump can be recovered 

using a rotovap, or botanical oil filter. 


-Tube Size: we use 1/4 to 1/2 inch Swagelok tubes and components,

which allow better flow of the CO2. 


-Silent CO2 Pump: we use a highly-modified industrial liquid CO2 pump,

which runs using a motor. Operation is silent. Our extensive 

modification means very minimal maintenance, and seal replacement can 

be done by removing the pump head (about 5 minutes), cleaning the 

pistons (about 10 minutes), and replacing seals (about 10 minutes). 


-No Loud Air Compressor: we do not need, nor use, a external pneumatic air

compressor (or additional chiller to cool the compressor which gets 

hot from use). Compressor is so loud, that most systems which require 

it, will need a separate room because it's so noisy. Noise produces 

extractor technician fatigue. 


-Swagelok Back Pressure Valve: we use a very precise BVP, which allows

us to achieve very accurate pressures. We do not use valveless 

technology, which produces pressure swings. 


-CO2 Preheat: we use a heat exchanger on our motor-to-pump gearbox,

which preheats the CO2 before it gets into the extraction vessel. By 

using the heat (byproduct of the gearbox), we are conserving energy 

and preheating the CO2. 


-Pressure and Heat Zone Feedback PID: we use compact PLCs to control

the pressure (with a feedback loop via digital sensor) and three zone 

heat monitor, control, and feedback. 


-Less Complicated: the system we have is modular, on a sturdy

industrial bolt-together frame, with casters, and can be wheeled 

through any standard door, hallway, or elevator. The modular cart is 

24 inches wide, by 48 inches long, by 71 inches in height. You will 

notice the clean lines, minimal tubing, and logical layout of the 



-Less Stuff Needed to Run: our system requires a liquid CO2 supply

(cylinders), and a small chiller. That's it. No air compressor, or 

items to support that compressor. 


-Quality Extract Best Oil: our customers who perform extraction, say that their

ultimate customers rave about the quality and aroma of the extracted 

oil. The quality terpenes that are extracted and ultimately preserved, 

make the end-user experience a quality one. 


-New Technology: we're working on a solid state chiller (bolt-on),

energy saver heating/cooling technology, acoustical ultrasonics, and 

other advanced technology, which not only enhance the operator 

experience, but will reduce cycle time, while increasing quality of 

extract. The bottom line is to save you time, and increase production, 

which result in more profit. We are also working on SDR (Spinning Disc 

Reactor) technology which will allow continuous flow processing, and 

without pressure or CO2. 


-Price: we have the best system pricing in the market.