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Infinity Supercritical Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine

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Infinity Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction for Botanical Oil
infinity supercritical 10 liter system  front view co2 extraction system with chrome frame - extraction time 1-3 hours - closed loop


Infinity Supercritical SDR 800 Spinning Disc Reactor Oil Extraction System


fast filter for dewaxing winterized solution

5L $9,999  and  10L $16,999

Infinity Supercritical Liquid CO2 Pump Cleaner



Supercritical CO2 Cannabis Oil Extraction Links

Build Your Own Brand - Licensing Opportunity 


If you are considering entering the equipment side of the cannabis industry, we are now making available a Build Your Own Brand opportunity. This allows you to purchase a license for our 10L CO2 extraction system, so you can build your own systems. Included are a parts list, build blueprints, suppliers, fittings list, build/testing/operations procedures, full ASME Engineer Peer Review Certification Report (50+ pages) for CA, WA, OR, CO, NV, and AZ. If you just want to assemble and sell systems, we can provide you some, or all of the parts. Licensing can save you years of development, while being able to put on your own brand name, logo, etc. This is a one-time license fee, there are no royalties and you can build as many systems as you want. From conception, to engineering, development costs are expensive and takes over 2 years. This licensing program allows you to get into the market quickly, with a proven machine. Licensing or acquisition includes ROI and testing software solutions.


If you are interested in licensing our Supercritical CO2 10L Technology (build your own brand), please call us at the number at the top of the page, or  email: greg@infinitysupercritical.com


Available For:  

          Supercritical CO2 Extraction Systems

          Fast Filter Systems

          Spinning Disc Reactors (Option for water as solvent, or ethanol as solvent)

How Build Your Own Brand Works

One Time Fee

The one time licensing fee covers a small portion of the costs associated with the original 2 year development, testing, and certification of the 10L system. The fee is one-time, and allows you to make and sell an unlimited number of systems. Includes a 10L system. Note: the terms of the license preclude it from be resold or transferred.


Fast to Market


Licenses are sold on a non-exclusive basis. If you want an exclusive for a specific state or region, please enquire. A exclusive is available on a yearly basis and fee based.

System CAD/CAM blueprints, parts list, suppliers source, 3 days of training at our shop, one month of phone/email support. One completed 10L system you can use as a model.

What’s Included

Set Your Own Price

Since it’s your brand, you can set your own price.

Manufacturing vs. Drop Ship

Manufacturing: Complete fabrication of all aspects of system.

Assembly: Order a parts kit and assemble yourself.

Drop Ship: If you only want to sell, then purchase a licensing fee, and we’ll put your brand on the machine and drop-ship from our shop to your customer. Your choice of color and logo which is waterjet cut.

You can source any and all parts from Infinity. This includes the couplings, full ASME welded vessels, fittings, caster beams, seals, fasteners, wired PID’s, VFD’s, tubing pre-bent, etc.

Sourcing Parts

A crated parts kit is available for $xxxxx. We offer a 20 percent discount if you purchase in quantities of 10 or more. You will need to assemble, and pressure test/run-in at your facility.

Parts Kit

We can drop ship or orders for a completed price of $xxxxx. We offer a 10 percent discount if you purchase in quantities of 10 or more.

Drop Ship

You are responsible for training and supporting your customers needs. You can develop you own training program, and online or phone support (free or fee based).


We offer a one day course on installation, start-up, safety, and maintenance training. We offer a separate course on customer support (online, email, and phone).

10L Operation | Safety | Maintenance | Training

We offer a comprehensive extraction and post processing training course in Long Beach, California. This includes winterization, rotovap, vacuum oven, and distillation.

Extraction | Post Processing | Training

Liability Insurance

You will be responsible for providing your own business and liability insurance. Our system is certified engineer peer reviewed. All welding is ASME. Commercial electronic components are UL listed. Commercial fittings are pressure rated and certified.

Promoting Your Own Brand

Web Site: We recommend WordPress for developing your own website. It has good exposure and SEO.

Google AdWords: AdWords is an effective way to generate sales leads.

Postcards: Very effective at targeting your customers.

Calling: The time-proven way of marketing. Call your customers.

Innovative SEO Via Web Page Generator: Developed by Infinity, this is a cutting-edge way to increase visibility. Content based.

See example here: http://www.infinitysupercritical.com/search/cannabis-cbd/index.htm


Below is a detailed flow-chart of how our SEO search engine works, which points traffic to your website. Similar to AdWords, you control content, and put in your own advertising and link back.

Example of CAD Drawing

Example of System CAD Drawing