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(1) 10L CO2 System Available For $69,000

Customer cancelled order due to lack of funds. New with warranty. System runs silent - no noise, no compressor. For photos, click here. Buy and get a free Fast Filter Unit.


(1) 100L CO2 System Available for $599,000 Customer cancelled order due to lack of funds. Run silent - no compressor needed. Buy and get a free Fast Filter Unit.

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Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction System For Hemp Processors

 Modular Fluid Hemp Extractor 100 L  200-400 pounds per day

infinity supercritical botanical extraction system 10 liter

Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction System for Hemp Oil Extract

Made in Ferndale, Washington USA (Not in Canada)

Hemp Extractor MFE 100L 


This is our Hemp Processors Extraction 10-Pack. Basically, it’s ten of our 10L systems.

You get the ultimate in flexibility with this numbered-up system:

- Ability to process 25 to 200 pounds per day of Hemp

- Absolute system redundancy. If one machine needs maintenance, you have nine left to process. 

- Virtual continuous processing. If you stagger the machine cycles (stagger start sequence), then you will have a continuous process.


System holds about 100 Liters volume of botanicals. The weight of the botanical will depend on whether it is leaf (around 20-25 pounds) or flower (up to 50 pounds) We do not recommend finely ground material that cannot be contained within the botanicals basket. 


Cycle Time: 1-3 hours. Up to 8 cycles per day. Total amount available to process is up to 200 pounds per day of leafy material and 400 pounds per day of dense flower.

How it Works:  High pressure liquid CO2 is pumped into a extraction vessel, which brings the CO2 supercritical as it goes into the separation/collection vessels. As the botanicals come in contact with the CO2, the oil is released into the CO2, since the CO2 acts as a solvent.  The gas and oil (co-mingled) are released into the separation/collection vessel where the pressure drops and the botanical oil drops out as a liquid. The CO2 gas is then condensed back to a liquid via a small heat exchanger, and then recirculated through a CO2 pump to start the cycle over.


Electrostatic Precipitator: Infinity Supercritical is the first in the industry to utilize static electricity to assist in collection of oil. Commonly known as ESP, electrostatic precipitation is a method used in many industries to remove particulates in a gas flow. In this case, we’re applying some same technology (but with our own invention) to collect Cannabis oil. A small charge accumulates in the entrained oil, which makes it adhere to the first collection vessel. 



Semi-Automated:  Turn the CO2 pump on, and leave it on. You can adust the pump speed, which sets the pressure. The system runs in a steady-state once started. This is a 2,000 psi or less working pressure system. Typical runs will be at 1,300 to 1,800 psi. The system working pressure is rated for 2,000 psi. A safety relief vavle is provided to release any pressure which goes above 2,000 psi. Targets oil at or below 2,000 psi to minimize post processing. High Pressure Systems (above 2000 psi) = lots of post processing.


Fittings: We use quality Swagelok fittings.


Pump Cleaner: Use our optional pump cleaner to clean the pump without removing the pump head. This allows for a virtual maintenance free pump.


FlowBar: The CO2 FlowBar enhances the CO2 delivery and distribution within the botanicals extraction vessel. While almost every CO2 extraction system enters in one end and exits the other, our new concept delivers CO2 in a uniform manner throughout the entire extraction vessel. The result is a much faster, and more thorough extraction.

infinity supercritical 10 liter system  front view co2 extraction system with chrome frame - extraction time 1-3 hours - closed loop

Infinity Supercritical CO2 Extraction System 10L

Cannabis Supercritical CO2 Extract