Quiet and Fast Extraction Using FlowBar, our higher flow CO2 produces better quality oil than BHO, in same or less overall processing time than butane. Great Terpene collection and preservation of flavor. Run both SubCritical and Supercritical CO2 extractions. We invented electrostatic precipitation for this process which increases rate and collection of extracted oil and terpenes. Customize your extraction experience and with post processing to sell live resin, shatter, crumb, and oil for vape pens and edibles, and dewax faster with our new filter system. First in the industry to develop new technology for water based organic oil extraction, Electrostatic Precipitation, FlowBar CO2 Distributed Extraction, SolidState Chiller, and CO2 pump cleaning device.

Our machines are Made in the USA, and use quality Swagelok fittings.

 Extraction Profits Begin With A Great System For Details: Email or Call 720-541-9113 

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Infinity Supercritical 10L supercritical CO2 oil botanical extraction system

Silent Operation

Whisper Pump Technology

Botanicals Oil CO2 Extraction System: Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction systems for botanical oil extractions of cannabis, hemp, flax, terpenes, fragrance, nutraceuticals, ginseng, tamanu, oregano, and beer hops. First in the industry to develop a spinning disc continuous feed reactor for organic oil extraction with water, Electrostatic Precipitation, FlowBar, SolidState Chiller, and CO2 pump cleaning device. Supercritical CO2 recycling and recovery of LIB lithion ion batteries, cobalt, and gold from electical industrial waste, including used lithium ion batteries, and integrated circuit boards.